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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How to make the Woman you love Happy for you?

No matter what your goal is with making them happy for you you’ll have to do it in a very specific way. These are the best ways to make sure they we be very happy for you without throwing it in their face in an overly obvious way.
Lets ride on.

error has a hand in this mess, things, for instance, issues of cheating and betrayer among each other, you all have to trust and love each other in any atmosphere or circumstances you come across.
Many women enjoy checking there boyfriends mobile phone? What are they checking.

Number of women phone numbers in your contact list

SMS sent and received, time and date 

Last calls you make 

Most likely pictures in your gallery 

Movies either pornography movies. give her the chance.

When ever she sees another female phone number on your contact list she must ask questions about it. Who is she to you?

mobile phones among others will either make her trust you or don't. Let her have the freedom to go through your phone and even spend some time with it. In so doing, she will develop trust in you. Too many passwords make one becomes suspicious.

Give her freedom:

We all have freedom entitled in our constitution. Let your queen enjoy all kind of freedom but at the same time knowing that you are his man. Do not follow or spy on your woman you love always. It's a childish character, it doesn't make any sens! Try and avoid the kaput attitude and character of yours.

These is the most vital aspect in relationships, communication always contact her and ask about her day how was it bla bla.

Nobody like a dormant relationship, when you kill communication it means a lot to your partner. She may feel that you have found one who keeps you busy all the time. Be calling her and upon receiving just say "Hello, I love you" to her, you will realize that a story will develop from nowhere. So keep these in mind


Get your woman unaware with little things that will make her happy. We tend to think that this is bribing love but am against it since even you as a man will need the same treatment.
Surprise her unexpectedly, unaware take her out, take her to poll express your feelings to her.


These break every relationship apart, truth is the most workshop for a successful relationship to workout.
Tell her "what happend and what did not happen" at the verge of doing these you are creating trust and love for each other.
When you keep telling lies. One good turns deserve another, relationship collapsed in these way.


Find time to spend with your loved one. You can make a retreat occasionally to make her know you will always be with her. During that time express your feelings, plan the future and appreciate her for loving you among all other men who were after her. Yes time aspect, most women loved and cherished men who spend most of there time on bed with them, so have time for her no matter your work hour. Have time for her so as to talk about the input and output goals and agenda in your relationship.
These is always done on bed

Thanks for reading. I hope these article is helpful.
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I Remained: LovePastor George

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