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Sunday, 17 June 2018

6 Possible Mistakes that lead to Break-up in your Relationship

Breaking up is very easy, but there are things that can point you in the direction towards it. Very often we think that people break up because of major issues such as cheating, lining, fornication, lack of trust and love for each other and it is true to some extent. The thing is that apart from major issues there are small mistakes that add up and lead to a break up in the end of every relationship. How to overcome shyness

That is while lovepastor George may warm you so as not to make the same mistakes again. Be very simple and smart, be truthful in your relationship just as i am.

Five wrong reasons for getting married from lovepastor George

Let's ride on to the next agenda of the day the most important mistakes you make and how to overcome it in your relationship.

1 Gossiping:

You should never gossip behind the back of your significant other, after all, you are the part of the relationship, and you made your choices as a good gossiper with these you are gently and smartly just as you think, killing your relationship to the end.

2 Comparison:

It is never a great idea to compare your partner to someone else. We are all different, and no one of us is perfect that is why if something bothers you, you talk it out instead of blaming your partner for not being perfect. No one is perfect i have said these several times. You can make your man "husband"with your owned hand the way you want it to be?

3 Postponing:

If there is a problem, it is better you solve it straight away instead of postponing. You should bear it in in mind that sometimes it may be too late to solve something that is already broken!

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Note: Mistakes are met to be corrected not to continue in the attribute. Girls Relationship is a school of no graduation "Get Ready" be "Be Smart"  

4 Fights:

It is true that fights are inevitable, but you do not have to start it every time you are in a bad mood, your partner may not be even a part of the problem.

5 Inability to stop/ Change:

There are certain issues and problems in a relationship today it we lead to fight disbursement of attitude and fright among partners. Your breasts can be a multiple ATM machine
When we fight, we may say things that can never be taken back, and that is what ruins the relationship down. 

That is why it is so important to be able to stop right in time. Also to change from certain issues or cases that burst out in the relationship.

6 Honesty / Truth:

If there is something that bothers you, you should speak up. Otherwise you will be just burning yourself from the inside and pretending while you are dying systematically  your partner may never know how you really felt. 

Say the truth its not always lies are sweet and not always lies make you to get one thing or the other you needed from your spouse.
But do u know one discover lies can ruin the relationship down.

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I hope these article is helpful /    I Remained: Lovepastor George
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  1. lovepastor You really did well you are trying i keep logging in your blog to read but u dont post regularly

    1. hmm juliet thanks for the comment i appreciate, time is not on my side to write and fetch out new happening within and beyond my environment.

  2. waoo these is really nice, i so much interested in these articles. how wished am your girlfriend

    1. Mam chioma don't bother to wished, the opportunity is there for you.

  3. If you have read any of my previous articles you will know that I am a great believer in spending quality time together. Well you also need to be able to spend time apart.  topics to talk about with girls

  4. Ok daniel smith i will just as you, i so much appreciated your comment


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