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Monday, 7 May 2018

Can you Marry A Keke-Nape Driver See Photos?

With God all things can be possible with love no calamity shall hinder your love for someone, no matter what your friends, family, siblings, might ult-her words against you! The real man who loves you desperately we love you till death.

A true life story of Master Prince Ariegwe and Miss. Aghogho Etaghene from a poverty level of keke-nape crazily in loved with a keke-nape driver who drove her to her destination, paid for the services rendered to her.

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Immediately each other met with clue of contact, with the propelled actions instinct affection of love infiltrated the both parties to know and express there feelings to each other.

Now at the look of things, the woman did not ignore, reject, or to downgrade the Keke-nape driver because his not Opulence rather been reckless poor like driver. Just as some of you girls does. 

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She was benevolent, she ecu-ate her character, subdue all her prides listen to poor hustling driver with the amount of dust on the road side exchanging numbers with each other.

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Women of globalisation world today reject, select, procrastinate, have choice of whom to date whom to marry, whom to talk? That's how you reject your blessing, procrastinate on the feature husband away. Later cry for mercy and divine help from pastor, mummy see and daddy deliver

Don't be perish in love to keep choosing, keep rejecting, keep excusing, keep thinking about proposals.

They both agreed to be together when there was nothing to show for the love. Don't wait until you see a man who have billions before you can accept his proposal.

Quote: No Man on Earth is Perfect. You can't get all the qualities you need in a man or in a woman before you can marry. That is why there is the existence of relationship, to March and bond the characters to understand each other.

 If you seriously understand and love each other, you all get the perfection and the perfect one, with time and patience.

See photos of both parties happily, sincerely exchanging numbers after paying the young hustlers off. These should be a connive to you and your friends rejecting won't grant you the perfect man or woman you need.

I see you with your wedding gown and wedding cards in these year..

I hope these article is helpful.
I Remained: LovePastor George


  1. Hmmm Wat love can do, i am so happy and jealous for these

  2. So these should be a lesson for you and others, don't be a choice-less decision maker. Dont be a selective type until you we select away the rightful husband of yours...


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