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Monday, 28 May 2018

7 Tips to become a Great and Emotional Kisser

A kiss is a symbol of affection, love, emotional feelings and one will kiss you unless he/she find's you attractive physically or emotionally. Having a date with a beautiful girl is a dream all men how ever, i  wished to be in the same shoe, but not all guys are confident enough to get a kiss from their dates always. They become shy and nervous when they try to kiss their girl for the first time as they think what she will think of them and mostly in public.

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I lovePastor George need  to help you out!  Here are seven  perfect tips on how to be a great and emotional kisser from me.

So many people find it difficult to kiss there date due to some certain disadvantages within them, mouth odor, body odor/irritation, teeth decay and unclean personal hygiene so so bad for the girls. OK lets ride on to the next agenda. 7 tips to become a great and emotional kisser.

1. Check your breath/mouth for bad odor: This is the most important step on becoming a better kisser. No girl wants to kiss a guy with a bad mouth odor. none no guy want to kiss a girl with bad mouth odor, so both parties need some medical attention before they under such reactions within themselves. To keep your breath from smelling bad, stay away from eating spicy foods, garlic, onions, and anything that has a strong smell. You can also include cigarettes and cigars too. Use a mouth freshener or mint chewing gums to make your breath fresh. With these tips you can easily be able to overcome bad mouth odor and enjoy your kissing and romantic mood.

2.Always close your eyes while kissing: Kissing while keeping your eyes shut allows your mind to focus and connect emotionally with the person you kissing. Besides, closing your eyes also allows you not to get distracted, disconnected and resistance from the tongue immediately. Get more closer and closer to his lips, stretch your tongues to cliq to each other.

3.Don’t rush while kissing: Take your time and start slow at first. Kissing is a romantic gesture, unlike most things. Kissing is more exciting and pleasurable if both of you wait and build up the pressure. Then see the passionate kisses coming. Lol don't ever rush to ignore biting each other lips take it gently and slowly to enjoy the atmosphere of the day.

4.Don’t just kiss the lips: There are other places you can kiss as well. You can sometimes kiss his/her on the neck, cheeks, shoulders and the gently on the eyelids. But remember to ask what he/she likes to avoid any uncomfortable experiences. Instead of asking every time, use your instincts to find out what your date likes, to avoid issues. You will know that you are doing it okay if he/she responds to it.

Quote: Your first emotional, affectionate kiss at the moment can lead to the lost of your virginity!

5.Use your hands: Another tip for being a good kisser is to use your hands while kissing and how you take advantage of your hands will create a great impression on him or her. While kissing, pull your date closer to yourself, and place your hand on his or her neck, waist or run your finger through their hair these make her to be more sensitive to the emotions and gravity upon her.

6. Don’t get too intimate at first. You guys have just started dating, so it’s a bad idea if you start French kissing. Start gently and slow, and if you think the timing is okay, take the dive. French kissing is often taken as a sexual gesture, so some people might get offended and end the moment if you have taken it too far.

7. Put a little pressure. Applying a little pressure on the lips will help you both closer together, but don’t put too much pressure as it will hurt. Lips are highly sensitive to pain, anything more than acceptable will be uncomfortable for both if you  will take the romance away.

I have discovered that kissing is more that the lips of two people pressing against one another. Most people have found that they can remember their first kiss better than the moment they lost their virginity. It’s a highly emotional act than anything else, and a good kiss will lead to a better relationship and beyond.

I hope these article is helpful 
I Remained: Lovepastor George


  1. Man this is freakingly helpful.. Especially Tips 6, saw this also in diretory and it makes sense

  2. Cooler tips.. we men mess up fuck thah shits!!

  3. hhmmm lovepastor how wished you do the practical emotional kissing with me lol


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