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Monday, 2 April 2018

7 #Female Habits That Chase Men Away?

Some women face the situation in their lives when their boyfriend just completely disappears, escape for their lives. Does this sound familiar? You will likely think that he found another girl. But I lovepastor hasten to please you with the fact that it is not so! Let's see what the reason could be! After the incident, many women begin to sort out crying, jumping, roaming about but the facts. They analyse all the texts and conversations, scrolling through social media trying to figure out things that will help them. The fact is, you will not find anything. Maybe you are the person who caused the break

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There are some things that men do not like about women. In fact, a man is very easy to scare. Scroll down and read to the end, because I have prepared a list of 7 female habits that chase men away. Let’s check them out!

#1. Jealousy

When you show jealousy for no reason, your man may feel your insecurity. All men like confident women. So, do not overdo it if he does not give you reason to be jealous. Be wise and sharp girl, is not all men that we like bla black blazer word's always.

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#2. Beware of Friends?

Every person should have a social life. And you are no exception! You shouldn’t ditch your friends to spend time with your boyfriend. This may scare your man, when he monkey his self into your friends paradise, it's over between both of you. because he will think that you are a clingy person. Try to balance your private life with a social life.

#3. How often do you text him?

Men do not like super long texts. Keep texts short, fun and flirty. You should avoid texting too much.
Most women don't bother none care to text, call they feel so. Special and unique to themselves. Depend on the man to do a the calls and texting, he we get tired and fade on the way.

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#4. Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Men do not like boring women. They prefer passionate and interesting ladies. Your life should be colourful and interesting, do not forget it! Don't be angry women for these Lovepastor George is just expanding the information round the world to benefit others.

These is the most deadly incident that we occur in your career, been single handed, lonely without having caring, hobbies you are just an empty waste material. Except the man who is deeply deserve suffering in his life.

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#5. Stop talking badly about other Men

Such actions will not show your best side. Moreover, you will show your deep insecurity! Do not criticise other men, be a good girl!
Remember no one is perfect, every partner has he's or her owned choice, if Mr. A is not good for you check out the next door for Mr. B, Remained blessed.

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I hoe these article is helpful 

I Remained my humble self
LovePastor George

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