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Sunday, 1 April 2018

5 types of men that will break your heart

As a woman, you need to realise yourself that you can't save everyone even with all your eye, your heart, your kidney, your teeth your mind and good intentions for them. There are lot's of men who are parasite husband ready to divide you scared you no matter the spiritual affection of love you have for him,sometimes loving someone and giving yourself wholly into expressing that emotion can only hurt and break you. Hmmmm lovepastor just want to write out what girls are experiencing here on campus.

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It's sad, it's tragedy, It's a sad reality but it's true that you can't help everyone, you can't save everyone even with all the love and good intentions, the promises in your kind heart.

There are five types of guys who fall in this category. They are the utmost worst types of guys to fall in love with. I won't be happy to see any of you in this field of suffering of relationship burdens.

1. The one who blows hotter at night

This is te guy who blitz into your life with sweetness and all the affectionate stuff that makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world. The only 🌙 moon and 🌟 stars in the world. But he is a ion dryer "dry cleaner, after cleaning all the environment 🏃 run away"

But all this is to draw you into his world of messed up emotions. As soon as your mind is set on him, the excuses and wrong treatment begins. Lol sorry one chance!! 

No longer will you get the feeling of being the only girl in the world. It sometimes get so bad that you might wonder if he even sees you at all, no matter how much you put yourself in his line of vision.

The moment you decide that you’ve had enough though, his brain resets and with promises of change and a temporary change of heart, he pulls you back into his world.

But it’s all part of a cycle. And before you know it, you’re going in hot-and-cold circles again. Try to pick up quickly when you notice these.

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2. Too close to his ex

There’s a difference between being cordial and being too friendly with an ex.

A guy who has not learnt this difference will cause you no small headache.

3. The guy with commitment issues

If he can’t commit now because of work, or whatever other excuse he comes up with, you need to consider holding on to him.

Relationships and all other spheres of your life are meant to go hand in hand.

It is commitment he needs to be great at what he does, and at the same time remain a great boyfriend to you.

Excuses about his job or career are just a mask for the real problem: he’s unprepared to commit… to you.

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4. Treats you differently in front of his friends

One minute, he’s full of sweet-as-candy pillow-talk and the next he’s finding it hard to hold your hand or even look into your eyes because his friends are there.

Does that not tell you that you are nothing but a closet lover?

5. The one who lacks ambition

This is just as simple and straightforward as it sounds.

You are not to build a man who even has no foundation in place. You can only support him with your love and care, and no one supports what is inexistent.

I hope these articles is helpful from LovePastor

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