The Female Pads and Tampons what you must know as a woman?

I was reading a novel “ Genital circle in a bookshop” these novel was of great impact, Lovepastor learnt a lot out of the novel I decided to write some features out of the novel to help others as well as the females and young grow up ladies.

It we help them to protect and keep their vulva in good conditions. The female masturbate during their period most of them don’t know how to maintain their body for example, a girl is masturbating in her period and she is using hypo and handkerchief to wash her vulva “Vagina” No its of no help to you as a woman, that the main reason why you are on this great website, 9jaloversforum. The two most common products to absorb the blood during your period are pads (also called sanitary pads, sanitary towels, sanitary napkins, or maxi pads) and tampons. This are the most useful elements you can make used of as a woman.

Both pads and tampons absorb blood during your period. You wear pads in your underwear, and they soak up the blood when it comes out of your vagina. Don't Rush Into sorrowful Relationship

You put tampons inside your vagina, and they soak up the blood before it comes out. They both work well, so it’s up to you to decide what you find most convenient.

Let me explain more on Pads and Tampons


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Pads come in different shapes and sizes which you can use depending on how heavy your menstrual flow is. And how bigger and fatter your vagina is. Some pads come with ‘wings’ or side tabs that offer extra protection against leakages.

How to use a pads:

1. Take the pad out of its packaging
2. The side where the paper, peels off the pad will be sticky
3. Press the pad, sticky side down, into the crotch of your underwear

the pad will be under your vaginal opening when you pull up your underwear, and will absorb the blood that comes out.

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Change your pad every three to four hours, or more often if your menstrual flow is very heavy. This is important to prevent smells, stains on your clothing, or possible vaginal infections. Avoiding using your pads regularly or scented they may irritate the vulva. When done put them in the rubbish bin in your locality.

You insert tampons inside your vagina, so they’re right out of the way. They’re particularly useful for swimming or doing sports. To help you put them in, tampons may come with an applicator. This is a plastic or cardboard tube around the tampon with a thinner tube inside it to push the tampon up into place. Tampons also come without an applicator, and then you just push them up with your finger.

They come in different sizes (slender, regular, super, super plus) which you can use depending on how heavy your menstrual flow is.

You have to replace tampons regularly – every four to six hours or more often if you have a heavier period. If you don’t change tampons regularly, there’s a chance you could get toxic shock syndrome.

If it’s your first time using a tampon, it’s a good idea to start with the smallest size. Also, it’s easier to insert a tampon when your menstrual flow is moderate to heavy.

Don’t worry if it takes more than a few times to get the hang of putting a tampon in. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

How to used tampons and guidelines
1. Wash and dry your hands (you don’t want to introduce unwanted germs to areas that are very sensitive)

2. Unwrap the tampon.

3. Most tampons have two tubes around them. A thinner inner tube and a thicker outer tube, which make up the applicator. The thinner tube is used to push the tampon into the vagina.

4. Hold the middle of the tampon – where the inner tube meets the outer tube. Make sure you can see the string dangling out of the inner tube.

5. Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Some girls prefer to place one leg up on a toilet seat or bath tub, while other girls prefer to squat.

6. With one hand, open your labia.

7. Using the other hand, direct the outside tube of the tampon into the vaginal opening. Aim for the small of your back.

8. Gently push the tampon into the vaginal opening until your fingers touch your body.

9. Still holding on to middle of the applicator, use your index finger to push up the bottom half of the applicator – the inner tube with the string dangling out of it. You will feel the tampon pushed through the applicator.

10. Once the inner tube is in all the way, and the string is hanging out of your vaginal opening, pull the applicator out.

How to remove a Tampon:
1. Hold the string hanging out of your vagina

2. Gently pull it down

3. Wrap the tampon in toilet paper or a tissue and put it in the rubbish bin where you normally waste your products.

4. Put in a new tampon if necessary
I hope this article is helpful for the females, try to keep your vaginal in good conditions so as to avoid men’s splatter words on you how bitter, ugly, is your vaginal save from odor and itching round your vaginal.

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