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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Women/Ladies Are Opportunity Losers

Beautiful isn’t always perfect, designing and restructuring your face won’t grant you husband however it can occasion you with amount of boyfriends you need. Most women you are the unruly of your situation you are today. No man scooted you into it rather it was your wise wisdom and taught from your wise ones.

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No man wants to approach you; no man wants to have you like a girlfriend material-men they don’t need your shapes, your back side, your clothed face painted with disseminated colors all over your faces. Opportunity meets wants, when you loose your opportunity your wants is no more. Your shapes won’t make him marry you?

There are lots of girls out there that have the shape more snapper than yours.

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Quote: Sister your beauty and nice curves we attract billions of boyfriend to you? But your character, love, understanding, obedient we grant you a good husband?

Some facts why men run away in a relationship with you.

1. Your character is like public toilet

2. Your skin inclusive of your backside is rough with huge stretch marks. No proper care

3. You lack respect. Good manners

4. You are too sex addicted; most men don’t like having sex always and everyday “Causes ill-health”

5. Excess self-pride and determination “ No man is capable to date you”

6. You don’t known how to cook these is a real situations among girls nowadays; Put you want to get married. Cooking skills “Zerooo”

7. Your demands are two high and expensive it need the help of those working in oil and gas industry to grant your demands “Very hard to get”

8. Good personal hygiene “Private part is as dirty as the drainage on the road side” your personal belongings, you fill lazy to take care of them.

9. Mouth odour , including body odour with your private part odour ? The odours can hinder your chance of getting the man you love. Washed and take proper medications when necessary or needed. Men love women who are neat, good-looking.

10. You are two aggressive, greedy; wickedness is planted in your heart. You score A1 in wickedness?

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11. You lack good morals, manner-less, egotistical

12. You are not ready to be with him. Rather you were narcissistic about your self?

I hope these article is awesome helpful?

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  1. They are indeed opportunity loser's
    but they don't normally listen


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