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Friday, 27 October 2017

Secret Ways of Getting Any Girl You Love

One funny thing about some guys, and this funny thing they can't fall in love with a girl but they still be beating round the bush until another serious guy will capture the girls heart and they will be like " heaven fall on!! He has taken my babe" who told you she was your babe when you never opened up to her. In some cases you can succeed the the babe but you don't know how to keep her satisfied, which may result in a breakup in the relationship. These is general sickness, keeping her; making her satisfied?

Most boys found it difficult in having a girl, wondering how to get a girl you like and how to keep the one you have gotten already, here are some very good steps from Lovepastor and if you follow them correctly, you will surely succeed!


1. Be Confident and Bold: Girls love it when boys have confidence. To act confident, you have to believe in yourself. However, do not be cocky on yourself.

2. Be Romantic: Girls almost always fall for romantic guys. Romantic words should be in you; they fall easily for romantic words?

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3. Make her laugh: Girls love funny guys! But don't say disgusting things that you think are funny, as that will only gross her out. Girls like funny Talks, crack sweet and romantic jokes on her; the more she keeps laughing the more she get mentally attracted to the words?

4. Show Her That You Care About Her: For instance, tell her that you are willing to help her with her household works (If she asks you to help her) rather than going to your friend's party. These is another great opportunity subduing her mined for you, she we be glad doing these for her?

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5. Look Attractive and Smell Good. Dress in cool clothes and wear some nice cologne or something, but don't go overboard. Don't dress haphazardly, arrogantly.

6. Smile often when you are with her: smiles attract more attention, smiles make you or her happy. Forget bonding your face, it won't be of great help to you none her.

7. Make eye contact. If she looks back at you, then the answer might be positive! But don't just keep staring at each other for an hour with nothing else to do.

Quote: You shall achieve all your possession 

8. Stick up for her: If someone speaks poorly of her, even if not seriously, do not tolerate this. Don't believe of much words. 

9. Flirt! Most girls like flirty guys: But don't overdo it. You can flirt with her by smiling a lot, tickling her softly (though some girls may not like to be tickled), complimenting her, telling her it was fun being with her or winking at her (many girls think it's really sexy when a boy winks at them, so give it a try!). You can also flirt in your own ways, as long as you don't do something that she doesn't like. Groping inappropriately will make a very bad impression.

10. Ask her out to somewhere special: Someplace she'd never forget. If the two of you have been hanging out for a week or so, and you feel like she might be into you, don't be afraid to ask her out. Have faith in yourself, and think of how much it's worth it to ask because if she agrees, you will have plenty of fun.

11. Make it a romantic date: Take a walk with her at sunset on the beach. That would be the perfect place to try to kiss her.
Make sure you're in a private place if you want to kiss. Most girls prefer a private romantic kiss. 

This doesn't mean you take her to your room in your bed. Take her to a quiet, romantic looking place and she'll most probably get the message that you want a kiss. But if she doesn't want to come to a private place with you, that either means she's not ready to kiss you, it's her first time, she feels uncomfortable with you or she's just nervous or shy. Don't force it when she's ready; you will know.

12. Tease Her, and be Playful. Don't hurt her feelings though, tease her in a joking and funny manner, and make sure that she knows that you're just joking. Never tease her by making fun of her.

13. Try to find out if she's happy and comfortable with you.

14. Hold Her Hand. If she tries to come closer to you, it can signal that she's into you. If she just smiles and/or blushes, it may mean that she likes you but she's shy.

15. Tell Her That She looks Beautiful and Smile: But be sincere. Nothing is worse than telling a girl she's beautiful when she knows it's not true. Try complimenting her on specific things, like how pretty her hair is, or how soft her hand feels in yours.

16. Pay attention To Her Body Language. If she tries to come closer to you, holds your hand and squeezes it gently, smiles a lot, looks at you most of the time, snuggles to you, hugs you, pecks your cheek, then it means that she likes you and she's happy to be with you and she was really looking forward to going out with you. (If she doesn't pay much attention to you, you could make her jealous by flirting with another girl in front of her. Be cautious with this.).

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