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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Prayer For Relationship Breakthrough With LovePastor (A must Read For The Single Ladies)

Enough is Enough what has surely started from the beginning of mankind must surely have an end, anything that has beginning in life must have end? Women has a personal pride, women are the home builders builders never lack none destroy. But build in good faith.  They lay a good foundation for there home.   Why have so much women in these world been destroyed?
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It has strive so much pains;  among women with tears, sorrow, bitterness and anger among women how the men used them waste them like wasted product. Smiles are no longer among the faces of young ladies again. The terribly things happening among our women who simultaneously consecutive situations in relationships, marrying also re-marrying, approaching them and also divorcing them so  easy to the men. Be wise?

Lovepastor was in Calabar  the city is duly beautified with buddies of women been dump like refuse wasted on the road, loaded with  women of different species they  no longer have there mouth in these world we are depriving them of there sore right? WHAT DO YOU WANT. describing the situation based on my eyesore we thunder most of the women but been jovial here  to make things more easier and dubiously to them. People in Cructech "Edem Edet, Agbor, Palm Fruite, Urudick junction, Bassy Ede Street, UNICAL saw lovepastor face to face So many was convince about me. Is these You?

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Prayer is the key to success in any predicament any critical  situations of life' you are today , women need the face of God to be saved from the hands of deceivers, users, dumpers, cheaters, haters. Millions of men searching desperately for admission into your legs. after been admitting the character continues. Be wise?

Ladies and Gentle Women:  hear these and hear these clear i want us to joined our hands, head with faith God we see us through together let's pray to overcome there wicked plans. Been used anyhow, there are lots of  men in these country not only women. But the men don't want to settle-down and get married. But need desperate admission into your legs.  What to do when you are in an uncommitted Relationship with your Spouse

You have been in cortical and magallel relationships where you hear about sweet and romantic worlds everyday, I LOVE YOU,     I LIKE YOU,      I WE MARRY YOU? It keeps saying it day and night while your teeth is older than the huge bears among your private parts. Are you still younger?  hurry for your life no time, if you waste a second the minute counts and it keep going. 

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QUOTE: All that glitters is not how sweet you are, all that glitters is not excellent sex expressions to him. All that Glitters is God? Love, Understanding.

Women lets joined hand with LovePastor to pray ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ......
Anything that has beginning must surely have an end point. Lets pray if you want change the yoke must be broken today!

"Repeat after me" Husband Hardship " THE ENDS HAS COME" In Jesus name Amen! 

Husband Heart Breakers and Heart destroyers " I FACE THEM NO MORE" In Jesus name Amen!  

Boyfriend Womanizer greedy to zip your trouser with me only "YOU SHALL NEVER, EVER CROSS MY WAY" In Jesus name Amen!

Wicked and greedy husband "YOU SHALL PASS ME BY" In Jesus name Amen!


Marathon Fucking husband each day and do complain is not sweet "FROM TODAY..... I SAY FROM TODAY... YOU MUST TESTIFY AND CONFESS THE SWEETNESS OF ME" In Jesus name Amen!

Dry pocket un-serious husband approaching you on the road anywhere you are; ready to suck you till death In the mighty name of Jesus from Today " HE SHALL PASSOVER YOU; NO SPIRITUAL TONGUE OF HIS WE INDUE YOU" In Jesus name Amen!

Deceiving and Promising husband from generations to generations of life keeps promising you; The bible make it clear in Matthew 7:7 its Ask and it shall be given unto you; Seek and Yeh shall find, Knock and the door we be open unto you! What have you been asking from him, from the generation you met him. What have been hindering your relationship with him. PRAY THESE WITH FAITH " FROM TODAY ...... I SAY FROM TODAY .. YOU SHALL RESPOND, ANY SPIRIT OF DISSAGREEMENT MUST AGREE" In Jesus name Amen!

If you deeply pray these prayer with me and believe that God in heaven on earth beneath all round the world we adhered to your prayer. LovePastor say to you its finished?

Don't Forget: Always bowl down your heads Read your bible, pray to God in the morning when you woke, and night going to bed he sees all things and solved all situations you think is unsolved?

I Remained: LovePastor
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  1. Thank you Mr. Philip I appreciate your comment

  2. nothing day nice here ooo
    prayer no go worked for me oooo till ah die

  3. 100000000% it we worked in the name of Jesus AMEN

    1. Glory if u say so have faith and believed it


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