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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

10 Secrets To Known The Real Character Of A Woman?

Are you ready to go into the marriage and your are thinking of how to choose the best single girl out of the numerous ones outside there. Don't worry calm down and try out the below techniques. First of all get the girl you want and go keep a date with her. Then in the process of the dating or courtship as you may call it, apply the below techniques to your dating. NOTE: what works for MR A may not work for MR B Lovepastor just to informed you

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1.Take her where she will meet with people of lower classes: So many ladies react and therefore expose their innermost when the come across people in low classes than them. Such places may include; restaurants, hotels, markets etc... The way the act or react to the waiters or waitresses in a restaurant alone can tell you who they are, because the feel this restaurant workers are all from poor homes.

2. Provoke her: Bring up a little but serious provocative word that you know can upset her very much. With anger, she will display some hidden characters which you never knew in her.

3. Refuse her the most valuable request: Try this by either refusal of approving what she request of you or you refuse to buy her what seem to be her best requested item and see what and how she will act.

 Quote:  Always Prepare, Think BEFORE you make a Personal  verdict?

4: Claim to be in a state of poverty: Even if you started with her in financial way, gradually start complaining of lack of money an failures with this you will know her financial characters.

5.Always bring up your own family matters: If she feels irritating or angry anytime you bring up your family important matters, then you know what to do. Note: this is to test her love for your family and relatives.

6. Refuse her her pleasure.

7. Always disagree with her option.

8. Force her to do what you love.

9. Act as if you are giving her burdens.

10: This should only be done during courtship (dating) not after marriage: All this must be done partially and to her ignorance. Each trial should not last long, as It can resolve to a big problem. Imply wisdom to apply any of this techniques to avoid problems that you may be blamed.

In all, pray & fast seriously to God before choosing a partner if you truly need a good woman for marriage.

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