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Monday, 4 September 2017

Women/Young Ladies Beware Of The Child You Born
Relationship and S@x life nowadays is extremely complicated in different angles Lovepastor used these medium informing the young hustlers who are sincerely ready to dive there legs into two all to be satisfied, enjoying life, having fun also to let your man love you more.

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forcing your boyfriend to pregnant you because of the influence of Congie on you. Think before you give birth to that innocent child to these world. Don't born without a definite purpose for that child.  You are not giving birth to camel or horse.

You want your boyfriend to pregnant you so as  having your own child when your bank account account is totally empty; your name is not listed in Wema bank 0.0k in your account? What is the child coming to do?

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When you are pregnant i give you 100% guarantee for you to go into abortion if you can go on with it 100 - 200 times abortions continue never you give up. A lot of criminals  are been born into these country, we don't need more criminals, don't born just to have a child, don't born because of the large portions of farms and lands you have. Do you think that child wants to become a farmers in his life.
Giving birth to an innocent child with mess up training and adequate bring up lead to distractions, corrupt practices, making the world uncomfortable for the unknown woman's  . Before you give birth to any child calculate your incomes daily, weekly, monthly. if its  capable to train these child to his satisfaction.

Don't born because your neighbor has fifteen and you want to add more do you want to born one country and give name it BORN NATION

Quote: The power and success of every child is vested on the parent. Don't born just for borning, Don't Born because of competing with someone.

Reasons Why Most Women Born?

1. Don't born because your age mate are boning. So you want to follow them.

2. Don't born because you want the man to be yours for ever. keeping yourselves pregnant.

3. Don't born later  the world  we rename the child names, or you rename the child name, " Small lighter, Eagle eye, Marine fish, Tiger in the forest supremoo, thunder. is that he's real name.

4. Don't born because you want a child to bear your name. When you can't afford the upbringing of the child. Let the name die, NOTORIOUS NAME he wants to bear.

5. Don't born more than what you can't train. Measure your  size and the amount of your money well. if its capable to bring up that child to the fullest.

6. Don;t born and sincerely love one and hate the rest. Born only the one you we love.

7. Don't born and latter regret why you born. Its not a good testimony to tell that child.

8. Don't born and left the child to be single in these sinful world, don't let the child to be he's own single father, single mother. Why do you born him; NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL.

9. Don't born because of your lands, assets, how many cars, how many wife's, conflict and accident might occur on the way.

10. Don't born because of competitions, challenging your fathers that have 17-54 children do want to born country of children. its not these world again. 

Lovepastor appeal to you ladies out there, pregnancy might be very easy for you sincerely speaking before you are about to carry that baby "embryo" be ready, stead fast, have a good plan, personal decision, direct his ways.

Things You Must Known Before You Born?
  • Are you capable to finance all his want.
  • Are you fully ready to grant all his needs, 
  • Do you have plan for him, don;t think the child wants to become a farmer just like you.
  • Do you really love that child no matter his embellished character and attitude, you born him, you can also change him.
  • Are you ready and whole heatedly pray for his success in other way you lamenting and casting evil worlds on him.
  • Have you check your local currency and your foreign currency if its capable to support that child. Don't have 0.0k and you thinks the child wants 0.0k in his life.
  •  Have both parent agreed to have their own child. Don't born by mistake and without agreement. latter you regret.
  • Have you check if the family, brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews are highly happy with you and happy for you being pregnant in the family. Don't born any child to a family where KINGS AND QUEENS are crowded with hatred, killers, envious. The said child we be PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF hatred.
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NOTE: Don't born an innocent child into a family evil heaters, evil minded, chief and chief priest are CROWDED WITH HATRED, KINGS AND QUEENS are heaters, you borning that child to be PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF HATRED.  Kings have chieftaincy title of hatred.

These should be sincerely put into consideration giving birth or warring yourself to give birth and have you own child shouldn't influences your taught all day. DO FAMILY PLANNING BEFORE YOU GO INTO BORNING, BOTH PARTIES MUST AGREE.

From the day you open your two wide legs and manure injection "Sperm" Injected the plant "Vaginal" and the plant start fertilizing,"ovary"  you brought that child to these sinful world. Start planing for the child. Don't let him single, Don't let him to be his own parent, Don't let him to be lonely. THE UPCOMING MOTHERS AND TRULY WANT TO BE A MOTHER. Born only one if you known you can train one.

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  1. God bless you more writings keep it up most of the girls now are so stupid. giving birth to standard professor of killing destroyers in this country

    1. Hmmm stanley the girls should not turn back and fight you ooo for this words you are saying

  2. lie MK STANLEY what are we stupid about. when you guys are injecting didt u know the outcome of if we reject u we say we are greedy


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