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Monday, 4 September 2017

Relationship As Job Vancancy to Single Ladies #Wife-Killers

A lot of young women today so much  nag about the situations of guy walk away from them in relationship simply because they refuse having sex with them. While most of them are tempted given away their virginity just to keep the guy secure and save with them; turn 360 x 360 left and right you cant keep him unto yourself.
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Loverpastor. Should be blunt here looking at the heretical situations of life you will see that virginity either given or not giving him, might not be the real reasons while guys walk away from you. be a little selfish of your private part. Its not a public part?

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It may not be sex or how romantic you are now you are no more romantic to him, understand the story of the ten virgin in the Bible both the wise and the foolish are virgin. They are foolish to see the bridegroom and they are not just foolish because they lack extra oil.

Lovepastor might convince many of you what i duly mean by Extra Oil.
Have you imagine to yourself what i mean by EXTRA OIL.
THE EXTRA OIL IS YOUR CHARACTER, Is the number one  success of every relationship to get pregnanted into marriage.

Reasons Why You Washed Your Girlfriend Pants and Bra if You Love Here To Be Your Wife

All those things you can offer in a relationship apart from Sex, Romantic pleasures on bed, How beautiful your shapes and size is, Your makeup and Huge tites
Most women don't have that extra oil HOW DO YOU WANT TO MARRY. Your character is as dirty as the drainage on the road.

So many young girls/women brag about their virginity and vaginal how to open; the best style to position it, the easy way he we love it when having sex with you? .
What is found under them is the prison gate of life and death for any successful applicant to fall into it
That's all most women have to offer in their marriage and relationships. Sex all through the day.

Apart from giving out your vaginal having serious sex what else can you offer to a man. 
  • Can you support him physically?
  • Can you support him Financially?
  • Can you support him Spiritually in pains and sorrow?
  • Can you support him Mentally?
  • Can you support him with all aspect of life activities, money, clothes, foods, job opportunity, re-arrange his life and destiny  etc. 
 No man that is already made perfect you must make him what you want him to be?

You dive into a mans life and that the end of the man's destiny and success of himself, demand money for bags, shoes,clothes, paints, bra, cooking expenses your iPhone 6 subscriptions money is included.

your father and mother are both sick, on bed you need money. HOW WILL THE RELATIONSHIP WORK. Don't Be A Killer Wife?

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Making him spend unnecessary money because you see relationship as a job opportunity where you spread your legs and get your money massively; sex is now your office duty your body as your CV and Qualification in any available office and company "MEN" that come across you. Use the money wisely?

Quote: Virginity Ends At Wedding Night, Extra Oil Continues till Death.

Be that woman your man can't afford buying your type in the road, market, schools loosing you might the last day of his life. Build and furnish your man to your taste; stop looking for already made husband.

NOTE: You can get already made trousers because it won't size you unlike the one tailored measured. Measured your man to be your trouser, don't look for already made trouser. HUSBAND IS NOT FOUND THERE? 

Trust, love and understand should be among you.

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