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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Type of Marriage Form From Your In-law Direct To You (Run for Your Life)

When you asked a lady hand in marriage whom you truly love, Cherish and care for her, sometimes you both are into a serous relationship which lasted for 5-7 years? How To Enjoy A Good And Reliable relationship.  Her father gave you these form to fill!

After reading the form, you told your potential in-law  that you want  to make use of the rest room which the man obeyed immediately you got to the  toilet, you just scaled through the door and run out of the compound.

Please take time and read the form below:

I........................hereby apply to marry your daughter Miss.................. I am ..................years old..................... I have slept with ........................ Number of women before meeting your daughter.

Please answer the following questions honestly and truthfully?
1. Do you goto church? Yes/No
2. Do you have a degree or diploma? Yes/No
3. Are you still a virgin? Yes/No
4. Are you working class Yes/No
5. Is the range of your income within a month between five hundred thousands and a million? Yes/No I don't want my child to go hungry? Hahahaha  Lovepastor who go marry your daughter nah! "Nah silver toto in get" Steady rabber day in waist day and night inside your kitchen day wait for you?

6. Do you have a credit card? Yes/No
7. How many girls have you slept with through out your whole life  before meeting my daughter 99, 220, 75, 200 and above.
8. How many girls have you disvirgin 69, 90, 200, 99 and above?

9. How many abortions have they got from you. 20, 5, 56, 2, 67 and above

10. How many girls have you rape. 15, 10, 5, 20, 22, 30 and above

11.How many girls  Have you open/seen their vaginal before including pants. Before seeing my daughter own. 300, 350, 400, 90 560 and above.

12.How many hours do you last on her 5, 7, 9, and above? If you can satisfy my daughter well.

Now if your answers to the above Question is typically No. Do not continue the form. Leave my house immediately and don't look back and don't greet anyone in the compound.

If your answer are yes then you have to continue within 1 hour-40
minute you are done

1. In 50 words or more as you can described my daughter vaginal if you have seen it emotionally and physically?

1. With aid of diagram with label and describes the structure of my daughter vaginal, abbreviate in Latin language

2. In less than 50 words described the disadvantages of cheating in marriage.

3. With the aid of a diagram, explained how you can respect your father in-law and mother in-law.

4. Suppose your wife say,  honey buy me pants and bra in the market on your way coming. what would you do?

5. Are you parent legally married or illegally Yes/No

6. If the time of their marriage is less than your age explain why you  were  born at that time.

7. Explained the meaning of come home very early as used by women

8. Give reasons why you sleep aside

Answer the following last question below: 40 marks

1. Do you drink alcohol? Yes/No

2. Do you smoke? What type "mention" Yes/No

3. Are you short-tempered? Yes/No

4. When can you be free for interview

5. When is the best time to interview your mum and your dad including your pastor.

Please kindly, Attached a photocopy of your credentials.

* Your birth certificate

* Your CV

* Your state of origin

* Your local government certificate

* Your primarily six certificate

* Your first school leaving certificate

* Your ND Hnd, Bsc, Masters certificate if you are qualified.

Thank you and summit it to me:

I Remained: Lovepastor
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