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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ladies 12 Types Of Men You Should Stay Away From. #Safety-First.

It is true that the goal of every good relationship is marriage, that is the main focus of every young ladies  millions of them want to get married and be in their husband house.

5 million of them when dating,  their main aimed is to marry;  I don't  known if they are so entitle to their responsibilities  in their home when married or understand  their left and right.

That is why we are trying so hard to fit into each other's lives so as to march together, It's the long term relationship plan, but remind you, not all relationships/friendships are meant to end up the way you dream it to be, every Relationships is a great journey of life few succeed while the rest fail. 

LovePastor prayer to all my readers,  you must be among those that will succeed.  no matter how good it is,  that is why lovePastor has proven  a way and make you informed never to be deformed in any tribal situations and calamities you are today.  The main fact here,  so many men are not ready to marry none women neither serious to settledown vise versa.

Quote:  Always accept the truth. Men and Women are vise versa.

Listed here are 12 Types Of Men You Should  Stay Away From if you mistakenly  encounter your life with the below listed.  After much question on my FB PAGE.

1.  Men who never ever share their problem with you,  also do well to lie to you.

2.  Men who always promise the whole world to you with his sweet mouth,  but never dream to fulfill anyone till death.  Keep fulfilling promises. 

3.  Men who are capable of hitting you,  conducting massive marathon  beating on you,  even when you are in pain.

4.  Men who never agrees on your own opinions except his own Only.

5.  Men who never dream to forgive and forget.  His heart is stoned.

6.  Men who can't take their eye off every woman they see. Womanizer  might ruined your home.  Even when married still cheating on you.  Zip your trouser.

7.  Men who tell lies even on little issues,  lieing,  cheating Is there life. Run ooo.

8. Men who don't have time for you but choose to hang out with friends.  You are just as house help to him.

9.  Men who never Introduce you to any of his relative none a family member after a long term relationship.

10. Men who are greedy always pocket dry so lazy to work.

11.  Men who continuously cheating on you  because  he knows  you will always forgivgrade1eerful heart. 

12.  Men who look down on you because you  always show caring and  loving to him,  he will keep on looking down and humiliating  you.  Your  going and coming is in vain.

If you are dating a good player in your mined  you have gotten a grade1 husband good and handsome  husband of your own. Stay focus don't  let any man dis-regard you because you are precious and priceless who agrees with me?


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  1. thankgod ooo let me run from my man ooo jesus. Lovepastor let God energies you more. Beautiful advice. Shame to those women that wont take these advice.

  2. Thanks Most of them are still under the influences of blind love till today.


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