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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

11 Things kissing And Romancing On Bed Does To You? (A must Read)

We all enjoy a really good kiss, but did you know that locking lips with someone makes you live longer, helps prevent tooth decay and burns
calories? Lovepastor has he's owned experience. Apart from the obvious bacteria and reducing stress levels, it turns out there is plenty more to know about a good snogwith your
partner, lover, or whoever else you happen to be enjoying with.

Saliva contact with one another is just what you think its,  it gone beyond extra way.  Here are 11 things you need to known kissing does to you?

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Base on scientific research on BBC word news FM captured.

1. It increases life expectancy
Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than men who don’t.

2. It prevents tooth decay Kissing increases the mouth’s production of saliva, which helps to clean the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

3. We swap more than just germs
We swap an average of 9ml of water, 0.7mg of protein, 0.18mg of organic compounds, 0.71mg of different fats and 0.45mg of sodium chloride
when we lock lips.

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4. But there are still A LOT of germs involved One millilitre of saliva contains aboutn100,000,000 bacteria.

5. It actually burns calories – get kissing, ladies Couples can burn anywhere between 2 and 26 calories per minute while kissing and can use up to 30 muscles.

6. We do a lot of it The average person will spend an estimated
20,160 minutes of their lifetime kissing. That’s 336 hours, or 14 whole days.

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7. Some more than others, it seems
The longest kiss ever recorded was 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds – nearly two and a half days.

8. Our brains know how to find our lovers lips Sixty-six per cent of people close their eyes during a kiss. Our brains have special neurons
that help us to locate each other’s lips in the dark.

9. It can stop us falling ill
There is some evidence, from past studies, to suggest that kissing provides us a means of protecting ourselves from certain viruses.

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10. It’s more than just fun – it’s stress relieving Holding hands and kissing reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, thereby lowering blood pressure and optimising immune response.

11. There’s a scientific reason for why we want more When you kiss someone for the first time you get
a spike in dopamine, which makes you crave more.

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