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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Your Br£ast Can be A Multiple ATM Machine

As a woman your breast is always unique to your life partner what so called, don't let your breast be an easy ATM machine.  Be-aware of Secret Relationship/Marriages.

Breasts is always located at the anterior part of your chest where it can easily be seen and make you look explosive, attractive,  as a woman tour breast has a vital role around your body; it makes you look sweet convincing the men around you?

The breast its one of the material things God planted in your body to make men run crazy necked mere looking at it!

Some girls lack breast on their anterior body parts, sorry that's how God created you.

When the breast is expo's to the general populace at various angles and corners it increase multiple attraction to who is highly needed to pay a ransomed to get it leak and press it like iPhone 6 touch pad?

Its mostly used as a sacrifices to anyone desired for it. Your breast gives you dignity, respect, joy and happiness when its at normal state but it get to ATM queve point were various unwanted hands has  their role to play in the fields?

Your breast loose humor and state of rest, immediately your breast start sagging, envelop stretch marks around the breast 30-50 bra can't stand it up rather it will fall down unlike carpet grass your breast we no longer look sweet and romantic when indulge in s£x with your partner.

Question for you:
Who do you think we be your.
life partner to suck such collapse breast.

Who do you think we be the cow to lie down under you pressing structure, stretch marks breast..

Prayer house cannot bring the breast to life, run from January to January...

Running to church when you have totally collapse breast cannot bring you a good husband or Mr right into your future...

You want to plan life and settle down  when all your body, breast, eye, yansh, face, have been mess up even tired of life with you.

Your breast is ashamed of you. Stick to one flesh one body under Moon come sun.

Foolish ones read and left it blank in their head. Pastor, prophet, deacon, arch bishop, prayer houses, seminars has preach and lamented. No way to human your reasoning!

Lovepastor encounter such breast, it changes colour, incessant stretch marks all over the breast areanal
s£xually the breast gets weaker I don't think if any born baby can suck that breast. 

Over pressing of your breast becomes an ATM machine at a given space in time, the magnitude and longitude of the breast has been valid due to lack of elasticity and its limit of pressing, attending to various hands,

The breast is full of flesh and milk for adolescents child when these child start reducing the milk found in the breast its changes the normal state to a glow rate, the breast expands in both length and breath and when the breast start experiencing ATM pressing on her body it begins to glow it keeps on glowing and losses its limits.

Some women breast are apple breast or bottle breast if you have have apple breast you are save, if you have bottle breast Partially ATM machine products,  most men always to these by eliminating your breast any how, it can be a waste product in there hand or an ATM machined that withdraw your milk into their mouth?

ATM machine works steady and constant electric power over it    Which normally don't rest, it keeps on working day and night it stops only 1 pm - 2 pm at night perhaps your own we work more than that if you don't have a adequate control over it.

ATM machine is always busy all day working and pressing to serve the needs of various customers and working accordingly to their various keys press on them. Your body breast can performed as Above mentioned job.

Yes its a job for the jobless girls who don't have work to do or to offer they offer their body mingle around the street in search of potential customers.

QUOTE: "Money hard my sister but do your work well and make used of the money well" life is short?
I remained: Lovepastor
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  1. yes millions of girls@ ladies of today there breast eeh is more than atm machine product. Ah beg the writer may God give you more wisdom to write, you try.


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