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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Why most marriage clashed and fade

Most marriages clashes due to some factors. LovePastor have disclose some secret to you why your marriage clashed.

Here are some of the tips from LovePastor

· Laziness kills marriage don't be lazy in your marriage. Work hard to make everyday a better day in your marriage. Laughter and joy depends on you.

Best way to kiss and romance a girl and make her mad over you

· Suspicion kills marriage. Don't be suspicion on in your marriage.

· Lack of trust kills marriage

These is the most killer disease every marriage is facing right now. Lack of trust, understanding with enormous one another.

· Lack of mutual respect kills marriage. 

Respect second killer disease every marriage couples are are facing today. Enhancing difficulty and challenges around them. Respects ends the day ring embedded each hands.

· Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but

Forgive and forget what happened no matter the prostitutions or any that happened try to forgive. Rather don't want and have a clashed marriage .

· Arguments kills marriage

Arguing for a chip thing issues that can be solved and resolved. Argument kills character, the understanding, the mutual.

· Keeping secrets from your spouse kills marriage

Secret keeping. Stealing and luring kills marriage alot.

· Every form of infidelity kills marriage 

(financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc). Best kissing you can ever do.

· Poor communication kills marriage.  

Lack of communications in marriage course disasters and lack of understanding among yourself.

. Lies easily kills marriage

be sincere to your spouse in every aspect.

· Relating more with your parents than your spouse kills marriage.

· Lack of, inadequate or unenjoyable sex kills marriage.

Have sex when its needed, have time to make love when its time, have fun with each other well.

· Nagging kills marriage
Nagging and complaining in marriage enhance more issues in your marriage.

· Too much talk and careless talk kills marriage.

Talk sensible talks rather malice words that kills the heart hurt the soul.

· Spending less or little time with your spouse kills marriage.

Have time I have fund and express the expresssable part of what you have.

· Being too independent minded kills marriage

· Love for party, money and spending/
partying kills marriage

Spending your awesome salary for party flexing, jingling around the latest hub hotel around the world.  Without happiness joy and property for a life time investment kills and shutdown your marriage

· Exposing the inadequacies of your spouse to your parents or siblings kills marriage

Hide some hidden secrets in your marriage.

· Not being steadfast/fervent in the spirit kills not only marriage but your life.

· Spurning correction and reprimand kills marriage.

· Always wearing a sad face and being moody kills marriage.

Brighten you  face when in pains

· Uncontrolled or hot temperament kills marriage.

Control your emotions when it arises

· Not understanding your role and position in marriage as instituted by God kills marriage.

· Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your spouse kills marriage.

Provide necessary thins she needed also have time to expand your love, share got kindness to her. Make her understand our feelings and emotions when she need it the most.

· When anything threatens the position/ security of a wife, her reaction(s) will be detrimental to her marriage.
Get it and be won

· Lack of the knowledge of the word of God kills marriage.

Understand the empty can of the world, knowledge of the struggle and pains around the. Focus on your marriage.

I Remained LovePasor

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