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Thursday, 18 May 2017

S£X is Sweet Lets Talk With LovePastor (A Must Read)

S£x is a matured encounter with the female and male ovary, testis which synthesis the sperm (spermatozoa) into the female ovary (oogenesis) this process is envelope through miosis. Being in a relationship with a

husband and boyfriend? What you need to known.

S£x is Natural to both male and female, its sweet when you encounter a sweet and untouched  varginal whom it is nurtured with all the six classes of food in it, s£x  is sweet when the girl is full of natural food both front, back and side stand erect without been void.

S£x is so pleasant to everyone, known money makes you speak no matter your age limit money make you stand fame and communicate with one another without been embarrassed by any one.

Many young girls out their, we  human feelings of fucked and love making; no longer fear or been depress of what is under the trouser. Students of Primary five, SS1 event more wants to test how the penis penetrate into their clitoris. Nah waoo. 

No good words of education, assignment, what they learnt in school, what happening and the latest communications words of today is boyfriend's.

Teenage girls there basic occupational duty to entertain their body to anyone up to be their father and grand father, in the name of "congie". Your  breast, pants, and verginal have no respect to each other.

Have you reasons to yourself if your verginal is saver to your life partner.

Don't fool yourself now thinking it all ends the shining star, brighter moon, the sweeter one, the words your verginal is sweet, you are so romantic to night,  its just a mere words for that night.

Quote: The word of today, is not the world of tomorrow? The sweeter you are today it won't be tomorrow.

You girls are like bud of trees and has elastic limit. LovePastor. You have limited time with your limited body.

Sex is sweet because:
1. The breast is so soft and sweatier to kiss and romance, it is as easy to press you can control it inform of touch pad of your iPhone.

2. Touching and romancing your body/private parts is as good entertainment joined that we served him till down.

3. Verginal penetration its a communication center where You can browse all sort of information in the world, you can relax your self position well and fill forms/submit information inside. Be aware of secret relationship/marriages you font know.  When you are done zip up.

Women are always addicted to sexual arousals getting any young fresh bae to kill her is just your coins (money) when you have this Mr. Money in your wallet, you can open as many legs as you can check around for immediate environment as little as the girl of 12years, totally challenging her mother who produce her to the world.

Sex is sweet to the young an foolish ones itching private parts and body irritation. When you have been used? You become vacuums tube, restless, useless no more breast pointing infront of you. Totally collapse.

You we start seeking for deliverance of Mummy See, and Daddy Deliver, see who and who, deliver you from what?
I remained: LovePastor

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