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Friday, 12 May 2017

Dealing With Heart Break In Your Relationships

lots of single ladies and guys around the corner  are suffering from heartbreaks from their past relationship and present,  many of them have decided not to date again. Types of prayer ministry most ladies attend seeking for deliverance

Some said,"I won't fall in love again". Fuck them and let them Go.

To me LovePastor  Heartbreaks
happens to you when you are in love with a man or woman  who is not in love non do he or she likes you.


Heartbreak's happens when you are dating the wrong person or when you are in love with the wrong person.

Heartbreaks happened for so many reasons, especially when a guy feels he is no longer satisfied with his girl and the resultant effects of that is for him to start cheating on his girl.

Quote: Heartbreakers are plentiful, cheater are Many, Fuckers and Dubber's are Thousands, Lier's  are Billions around. Be serious?

Ladies as fairly Used Old Toshiba

Heartbreaks happen when a guy /girls double date and cheat on his/her partner.

Such development can lead to Quarrelling, disagreement and fight. It will definitely lead to separation and will leave the victim with heartbreak.

The person that caused the heartbreak, Wouldn’t feel the pain and agony as much, the person that was been cheated on because it is his/ her way of life, and if you ask them why did they cheat on there partner ?

The reply would be,I am free to choose or love whoever I like. Billions of girls are like that now.

it sounds right but that's selfish act,when you don't consider the emotions of the other person involved. Though a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage.

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"I don't want to fall in love again" , "there is nothing like true love" or "i am not dating again" is a statement we hear everyday among the youth of today.

Some took that decision base on their last experience. We hear it from both boys & girls but girls are always the hard heat whenever heartbreaks occurs.

A guy after suffering two major heartbreaks from Ladies, decided to play games with ladies and to break the heart of many Ladies that come his way.

He succeeded in doing it.
On the other hand,a lady may decide to walk away from a guy for a good reason or without any good reason, leaving the guy with heartbreak as well and that made it sounds like heartbreaks had to come to stay in our human existence.

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But the question now is ,should we stop loving,dating or give up on love because of heartbreaks or because of our past terrible experience?

The Answer to that Question is very critical because of many who have experienced it will definitely say yes,let's stop loving or dating, while some will say let's continue or give it another chance.

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But the truth is that to love somebody is part of our human structure. No matter how much you try to do away with love,it will not leave you. You will still see someone that loves you or the one you loves so much.

All we can do when we have heartbreaks is to forgive ourselves and those that hurt us and let it go. That's all you have to do from  LovePastor. Don't staff your self.

Though it is very painful,but a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. No true and caring husband in the world today, what we have is fucking husband #Husband-Subsidy. It better you suffer heartbreak as single than to suffer it after marriage. Reasons for your self before getting married.

So don't allow the devil and his cohorts to stagnate your future using your past relationship or heartbreaks. Yes it happens because you are in a wrong relationship and God cannot easily move you out of it without heartbreaks.

So he will allow the heartbreak to separate you from the wrong and prepare you for your best.So don't feel too bad because someone you loved breaks your heart.

Don't say you won't date again or fall in love again because someone break your hearts.   Who we satisfy you?

Remember heartbreaks happen when you are in a wrong relationship. Heartbreaks happen when you are in love with the wrong person.

No man or woman can break your heart when you are in the right relationship. Love him like die hard.  No husband for Tue singles Husband Subsidy . My Dear come on cheer up and dust yourself,learn from your mistakes and move on.

God allowed it to happen so that he will position you to the right person and bless you. Instead of being sad all days for heartbreaks, be happy and thank God for delivering you.

If there is no closed doors,new doors won't be open.God will allow old doors to close ,so that he will open new doors that will favour you forever. Cheer up my brother and sister in the lord of Relationship.

I Remained:a LovePastor

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