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Sunday, 28 May 2017

5 Possible Signs of Immaturity in Marriages

Here are possible signs of immaturity in your marriage you might be facing, do not cage none chain your partner because you get married to her, give her freedom, I have heard and experience some cases where a lady is been tired up through out the whole day without permission from his man no where to go to.

She must seek permition from her boyfriend or husband, any where she is going,  church, school, visit a friend, attend birthday parties.
Here are some signs of immaturity in most marriages.

1. Rejecting your wife food when there is an issue:
You gave your wife money for food stuffs after the stressful preparations of it. You refuse to eat the food, because you are angry; it is one of the greatest signs of immaturity in your marriage.

2. Telling your wife severally that you are the head:
Men should try and understand that even when your wife's disobeys/disrespect you, she knows that you are the head of the family. Stop bragging to her.
3. Issuing Threat on Her:
Beating verbally, abusing your wife, issuing various kind of threat to her always like divorcing her, package her back to her parent, insulting her family member,  bragging about marrying another wife does not make you a real and full marriage man. Control your home in any crises as you are the head and not the tail.

4.Reporting Your Wife to Friends and Family:
When your wife offends you, correct and talk things though modesty and silent. You don't need to informed anybody about her mistakes in pains her back. Keep secret things and relevant issues within yourselves.

5. Not Helping with House Chores:
I must say here that it is sole responsibility of a woman to manage the home, however it is not two bad if the man renders a helping hand when necessary. Due to the overstress.
I Remained: Lovepastor

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