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Sunday, 14 May 2017

3 Common Deadly Diseases That Are Worse Than HIV/AIDS

With so much vigorous research LovePastor has experience some diseases very harmful than HIV/Aids.  Some people have always felt that being confirmed a HIV/AIDS patient is the end of the world.

Nooo you are just starting you acquire more with your sex-matic way of life.  A lot of people even contemplate suicide when tested positive for the disease.

Today, with advancements in clinical research, you may not be able to distinguish between carriers and non-carriers of HIV/AIDS.

Quote: Money is a constable life journey everyone must approach to get, Be yourself and don't die yourself?

Below are 3 common diseases that won't smile at you when you catch them!

Mr. Ebola: Just like HIV/AIDS, Ebola is a fatal disease caused by a virus very wicked man. In 2014, the disease was epidermic in Nigeria, with a high case fatality (i.e. deaths), killing many people almost instantly!

Sweet Girl STD's: This stands for sexually transmitted diseases. There are many types such as Herpes and Syphilis "there name eeh you must open your eye to spell it well".  26 Reasons You Must Never Beat Your Wife

Most sexually transmitted diseases can completely disfigure you when they reach the climax stage. STD's can even steal away your ability to have babies, " Sure" whereas a HIV/AIDS patient can reproduce!  By Lock oo.

You See These Woman Called Diabetes: In severe cases, this disease could put you permenently on a wheel chair! "Straight without any medication".  Things women are suppose to known in there relationship never nagged in your relationships.  It's caused mainly by excess blood glucose.

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