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Sunday, 14 May 2017

26 Reasons You Must Never Beat Your Wife

Have you been facing malicious words from your wedded wife. Increasing your pressure, your home is no longer a home anymore its a joint of entertainment, query, shout, fights. 

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You are the head of the family "yes" you are, you can turn down the situations of things make things more easier Tue way you dream of it.

LovePastor has some vital piece of information I have to share to you out there reading these article also share it on various social media platforms. Don't read alone?

Here are some reasons you need not o beat your wife no matter Tue accident have occurred. She deserved her pride?

1. It is against the law of God, it is unscriptural.

2. It is a sign of weakness.

3. It is a sign of immaturity. It simply means you are not mature.

4 . It depicts lack of self-control.

5. It makes you an aggressive person.

6. It will taint your image if you have any. No matter how grave your wife’s misbehaviour is, once you beat her, you become the foolish one. Nobody will praise you for beating her. It is the most foolish thing you can do as a husband.

7. It means you are a truce breaker. You promised to protect her, now, you are beating her. No Husband For The Singles #Husband-Subsidy A Must Read
God commanded you to love, honour, nourish, cherish and protect your wife.

8. You promised to love and care for her not punching, kicking, grabbing , choking, scratching , or pinching her.

9. It makes ‘MAN’ synonymous to ‘MAD’. She will not see you as a man again but as a mad man.
10. It disconnects the woman from you.

11. It will affect her psychologically.

12 . It shows you are not reliable and dependable.

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13. It is a bad example for your sons.

14. It makes your daughter develop a bad image of men and marriage.

15. It shows you are a bad crisis manager.

16. It means you are not the head of your family but the headache.
17. It shows you are not in control of your mind.

18. It shows you are at the lowest side of life.

19. It means you are not a gentle man.

20. It makes you a monster and a beast.

21. It shows you are a loser and not a winner.

22. Violence breeds violence. The woman you beat can bite you or hold Something down there.

23. It changes your banquet house to a boxing ring. How to gt a real man to marry you #Husband and You

24. I’m sure you will never want your son-in-law to beat your daughter. Why then are you beating somebody’s daughter?

25. It is against the natural law. Real men are known to protect their wives because the women
are weaker and needed to be handled with care.

26. It shows you are not a great husband; you are not an irresistible husband.

Truly, it is a shame. Real men will not beat their wives;
I Remained: LovePastor

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