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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

10 Important Signs To Known When A Guy Want To Have S£x With You When Visiting for The First Time

Here are ten important signs to known when paving a way visiting your guy and things you need to known? From Lovepastor

1. His Friends vacate the room
Just when you get to his place and his friends start going out of the room one after the other until you are left alone.  This has already been planned prior to your arrival. Don't think they left at their own discretion.

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2. He asks what you're wearing
Just when a guy is curious to know whether you will be wearing a skirt or trouser to his house then be sure that he will definitely sleep with you
when you visit him.

abeg no wear trouser come my house oooo"

3. He demands you don't bring Your Friend along When he tells you not to come with a friend qbecause he doesn't want your friend around;
there are no two ways about this, he certainly wants to sleep with you when you visit him and doesn't want any barrier

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4. He calls his Friend to keep your Friend's company Some ladies believe the presence of their friends
will server as security, therefore, they bring their friends along as custodians not knowing that some dudes are way too smart to handle such a situation.

A very smart dude will call his own
friend to come and take the daughter of Jezebel you call your friend away so that they will be alone.

5. He Dips His hands into the pockets to form a gentleman
I'm very guilty of this act even though I passionately detest s£x` ( nobody should question me on this ). When I'm inside the room
with a lady and the moment my joyst`ick begins to rise above its default level as a result of s£x`
intrusion into my mind.

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As an anointed man of God, I will just dip my two hands into my
pockets and stylishly take a scroll outside after which I will return back when my obviously etec.ted joystick returns to its default level.

6. He Increases the volume of the home theatre Another sign a dude wants to sleep with you is that he will switch on the home theatre and will increase to the maximum volume so that neighbours will not hear your moan when the show starts.

7. He offers you chewing gum.This is done probably to cleanse your breath before kis`sing takes place

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8. He stylishly Locks the door
A proverb says " a dog that enters a lion's den should be ready to face the consequences. However, just when you enter his room and he
goes straight to the door and GBAAAM !!! . action kick?

Even if heat wan kill two of una, he will never open the door.. You don't even need Ancestor to tell you that he wants to sleep with you.

9. He forces You to take alcohol
Another sign is that he will force you to take a little amount of alcohol so that he will accomplish his mission before you gain consciousness.

10. He goes out to buy something that has "no name" jqust when you visit a dude and he takes an
excuse to go and buy something (name withheld) and when he returns back you can't seem to see what he went to buy.

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Make we no adeceive ourselves na Gold circle egbon go buy ooooo!!! ... Even If you ask him what he went to buy he will definitely lie that he wasn't able to get it.

I Remained: Lovepastor
Whatsapp/customer care line: 09098962929

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