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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Some Reasons For Getting Married Most Women Don't Really Understand?

Most ladies wants to get married without no vital reasons if you asked them. Some might say because  all my friends are getting married and leaving me behind, getting married is not the main focus of a woman, how to cope in your husband house, how to settle situations. Have you asked those that are married what is their main challenges in their marriages.

Here are some tips girls think.

Don' Get marry because of sex

Don't get marry because you are ageing

Don't get marry because you are lonely

Don;t get marry because you need someone to support you financially

Don't marry because you need parmanent satisfyer to satisfy you

Don't get marry because you need children

Don't get marry because you have been used by different men around

Don't get marry because you mistakenly get pregnant

Don't get marry because you don't want to loose your man

Don't marry because of family pressure

Don't marry because you like the ideal of getting married and admire every wedding gown you see

Don't marry because your mate are given birth to children

Don't marry because you lack money

Don't get married because all your friends and age mate are getting married and you rush your life into the hand of a man whom his main desire and aim in his whole life is failure, when you think otherwise and go extremely wrong way of getting married. Making time for you and your spouse in your relationships.Either legal or Illegal marriage with a man that doesn't love you none pay adequate attention to you as a woman in the house i bet you; your road to marriage is totally misfortune and disaster. Don't Rush into marrying whom doesn't love you at all. I Remained LovePastor

But i urge you to get married because you are in love, get married because he or she understand each other, he or she are friends and when that love is their everything is possible. HIV is real advice for the men. Don't rush into marriage and be in prison when their is no happiness in your marriage what are you still marrying for. LovePastor

Don't be false by friends, parents, uncles or brothers and sisters to get married to whom you don't love none listed in your mined.

"Quote for you: Love who Loves you, Cherish who cherishes you, understand each other keep the relationship rolling". I Remained LovePastor

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