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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

13 Useful Advice To Men? Be Wise

There men there are some facts you need to put into consideration as a man no matter the opportunity you have. Don't think you are a super hero or a gang start, a player, one day you might have injury or  one day you will play the wrong way.

Here are 13 things you need to known and get into your head no matter how champion you are: By LovePastor

1. Having many girlfriends does not make you a man. It only makes you a womanizer and a cheater.

2. A real man has only one woman in his life.

3. Don't use and dump ladies. Remember you have sisters whatever you do, you will received reward latter.

4. Don't forget to appreciate when you are done.

5. If you can't make her your wife, Don't make her a mother "Pregnant her" Important wedding vows you make between you and your spouse? Don't Forget it

6. Do not obey your erections at all times " Try to control your erection and keep it in the trouser when you set your eyes towards a nudity lady".

7. It is not everything you see under skirt or trouser you will hustle to eat. Some skirts and trousers conatain snakes bit and dirty diseases that will bites you, control your sex urge. I Remained: LovePastor

8.Do not date lady because she is sexy "Curves, boobs, and shapes" Those things are just material packaging it can be deceptive to you. Most of them used it to overcome their financial challenges and misfortunes in life.  How to get a divorce in your relationship. They used it to course traffic in your life and stumble from one point to another. Don't look at the material things none the physical parts of it.

9. Respect any lady that loves you. Don't neglect any lady that truely loves you from his heart no matter what you see outside, if she obeys trying to understand your conditions and provide relevant helps and solutions to it. Do not neglect it none take it for granted; and you night think she is just cheap no man wants her you are the only last bust-top she has.

10. Do not beat any woman even if she is your wife or girlfriend.

11. Spend more time to hustle for money as a man. Real and wise men use their time to think and plan on how to be financially successful in life. Foolish men use their time to think and plan on how to sleep with thousands of women around, even when they are married go beyond sleeping outside from your matrimonial home. Making time for love between you and your spouse

12. Real Men Don't Gossip wife none girlfriend outside their relationships. Be it a man or a woman don't gossip?

13. The world today and tomorrow only celebrate successful men. Nobody will celebrate you fro having many girlfriends.

What is your benefits as a man when you foolishly do all these things, wastee of time, waiste of protein, waist of energy.
BE WISE By: LovePastor

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