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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Excess S£x Causes ill-Health

The entire subject of sex is one about which the majority of people now indulge into because of money, pleasure and ignorant;  they do what they like without any harm to their health many beleived that trust on condom will protect them from ill health and dangerous micro bacterial and infections. It would also prevent them from HIV/Aids, STIs.

Men and women who are been blessed, yes and gifted with highly sex natures practices will be bold to do what they like because of the given talent in her. Their are lot of talented fuckers around who always ex-cape harmful infection without being infected they are so gifted with the talent because of how blessed and perfect they are on bed without using condom or any pill.

Million of people over the world are highly sexed nature it is a curse, over indulgence in sex expression or practice may become a habit as destruction and as detrimental to alcohol and liquor may immune in your body. A sex-mad man is not essentially different from a dope-mad man. Both of these two has lost control over their faculty of reasoning; when you engage your self with an alcoholic and a doping mad-man what do you think the perfect result of your health will be may people suffer the cases of hypochondria illness "imaginary illness" grow out through over indulgence in sex practices. 

Love Romance and sex are all emotions capable of driving most men and women into unconditional state of health and problem, people believed on the use of condom and other drugs for protection; condom protect just the sperm "Spermatozoa" from transmitting into the woman vaginal "Ovary" Condom has made many women escape pregnancy both the young and old, the ability to used condom safe guard most people of mortality rate and some deadly micro disease and infections. 

The private part of most ladies suffer with different micro disease and body inflation odor around their private part through over indulgence in sex practice, so many have vaginal odor and itching without knowing where it comes from, when you engage with sex practice with a doping mad-man or a disease carrier the mucus from the tongue the kiss and body contact will communicate with the disease which condom can't protect.

Having sex with the same category of people you suffer a lot of sickness, kissing causes many disease from the mouth odor which lead to ulcer, body odor, kidney failure, the saliva which contains ptyalin that break down starch into maltose it will break down all the six classes of maltose into your system due to your sex natures with a sicklier. Your kidney can be faulty when amino acid and calcium phosphate settle in the kidney to form kidney stone.

Having sex with one who suffer ulcer these category of people suffer mouth odor another deadly disease. Excess sex can also cause liver disease like hepatitis cause by excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking dust to the liver

Smokers are reliable to die young. Stay away from over indulgence of highly unprotected sex nature
Written by: lovepator

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