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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Do You Have The Heart To Love

So many ladies have been deceived and used by numerous men's they have deceived and used that innocent lady with the sweet words in their mouth like spiritual prayer, you promised her marriage just to get her and sleep with her, you have been telling her how much you love and care/cherish her, meanwhile you have a lady outside that you have engaged and proposed marriage to her.

You buy her gifts items, give her money upkeep take care of her family still your heart isn't settled about her. your tell her you love her meanwhile you are busy jumping from one high lander jeep to another. You said he's your first love but you haven't made up your mind to make him your last bus-top. Where's your conscience. Read and share with friends and family

He makes sure you are okay with the little money he received from the small job he's doing and yet you have the heart to hang out with another man. With the same hair he gave you money to make, the same clothe he gave you money for, the shoe he gave you money, buy's you all sort of ashes you rob on your face to look pretty and sexy for who.  Street hustlers on the road.

Will allow our minds to be filled with negative words that spoil our heart and minds from the real man we love, the magic words we hear from other tongue of magicians, the words we read and the words we speak to ourselves? Sexuality and its Expressions in most relationships 

They are toxic. It is time to detoxify your mind and your heart to stand upright stand and guard at the door of your mind 24/7 don't let those immoral words should overcome your heart or your mind, choose the kind of words that gets in and what stays in your mind.

Remember that your mind is a thought factory your heart collect the information and abide to the words getting into your mind and you work towards it immediately. It produce based on the raw information and negatives words coming out from different perspectives.  If you put in garbage you get garbage of evil words and confusing conversations of the opposite.  Ladies are always addicted to the words they are fund of hearing and listening to sweet words. They are addicted to sexual arousal immediately those words enters their ear? They move moralistically to the words.  Contact me on facebook

Let your thoughts create the reality that you want to see in your life be specific on one thing you do, specific on your opinion you decide to choose in life, not to be a looser of men or women but proclaimed to yourself that you will be a winner and end up your career with the man you truly love. There is so much different that you love someone and loose someone, another aspect of it is that you love someone and you did not end up your life with the person. 

Never put anyone in the position of power in your life, be it a woman, man, dad, boyfriend or girlfriend. let there be peace in your life don't be in a position that you cant love anyone. Always have a heart to love and forgive who ever have offended you in anyway or the other, when the door close another one will open. Love Instructor

if your girlfriend of boyfriend have been cheating on you or ask for divorces, give him/her the chance of it and leave the past incident that have occur start up a new life and a new beginning from where you stop, don't let anyone used you anyhow no matter how he/she is. Don't be deceived by the things you see around, don't be deceived by the beauty or the money he/she has don't be deceived by the materials aspect of things you can't fined. The most of all is the character, attitude, understanding, love bring all the glory to build a good home. 
i remained love instructor,  Writer and Editor 

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