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Thursday, 26 January 2017

What A Man Really Need From A woman

I have realize that what a man needs to keep a serious relationship with a woman's is not sex, If it was sex then rich guys/men not keep only one woman as a wife, but pay handsome amount of money to satisfy their desire any time.

If a man has not married you yet or he does not really intend to marry you what he will need from you is nothing than your body, two aggressive to achieve he's aim, even at the extend of blackmailing you. But  if he really intends to marry  you or if you guys are already married sex is never his primary need anymore.  Communication in your marriage what matters to communicate in your marriage

Many young girls think because they are sexually active the greatest gift they can afford to give a man is their legs, they can give you at any time around when you are ready they are always %10,000 ready for you. so many girls are gifted with such exotic talent of sex nature.

Others also think once they are giving out their bodies it means they are  giving out the best for which the man will never leave them, Others who are so furious about giving their body so as to let the man be with them forever, even go extra mined of getting themselves pregnant, thinking that they will tie the man down. NO! YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF A SINGLE MOTHER IN THE WORLD. You will be a single mother and he will continue with others from where he stop from you he's magic pen under he's trouser is always active for work to commence any moment in time. Try and change your nonchalant attitude stop thinking all that matters is good sex and steady giving like the current of electricity passing through a metallic coil.

It is time for our young ladies to known that when a man is ready to marry he will not look out for a  woman who will only satisfy his sex drive but a woman who will submit herself to him. Respect, Understand, Obedient and nothing more hardworking. Keep this in your mined and stick to it " Every woman has vagina but not every woman has character"  humility when you humbler yourself you are an expensive h\jewelry, an outstanding lady among others unique ladies. A man of integrity will fear to loose you.

some woman think that submission is "control" the man is controling them by swimming in the pool any time they like, if you don't want to submit don't think of marriage because no man in his right sense "order" will offer his love to such woman.

The funniest thing is women will want a man to treat them as queens but will not want to submit to him. Remember queens don't get married to commoners but prince and kings are respected by their subordinate. Crown your man the king and you will automatically become his queen. Reasons no man wants to marry you

My quote to you out there " The necessary condition for any serious relationship is Love, but the sufficient and most important is Character.

Character matters a lot in a relationship most men look at  your character, attitude and hardworking before they will get married or propose marriage to you, if you don't have these  try and work on it and change from it, that thing that people do complain about turn away from it and wash your life. 


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