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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Types Of Husband You Need To Known?

There are so many men out their who claim to be good husband but their character and attitude is like a burning fire, they are so dangerous in whatever they are doing. Know the type of husband you are about to engage your entire life with.

This is how you will understand what kind of husband your guy or boyfriend is likely to be.
1. BACHELOR HUSBAND: Does things on his own without consulting wife, hangs out a lot with friends more than wife. Not serious about getting married in the nearest years to come.

2. ACIDIC HUSBAND: Is always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous.

3. SLAVE HUSBAND: Want to be treated like a king but treats wife like a slave. he likes wife to perform old tradition respect and hates being called by their first name 

4. GENERAL HUSBAND: Husband that every woman loves "lovers of all kind of women" he cares for girlfriends more than his wife. like giving money to girlfriend and has more females friends outside his home.Ladies read the 10 bitter truth you need to known 
5. DRY HUSBAND: Very poor, moody and stingy, doesn't consider wife's interest, doesn't make the relationship enjoyable. Has no sense of humor. Greedy more than Nepa Light.

6. PANADOL HUSBAND: Uses wife as problem solver, only loves wife when clever and wants something from her. He's clever and know wife's weakness and capitalizes on that to get relief from wife. easy ways you can make your relationship work out for you well

7. PARASITE HUSBAND: Lazy and only loves wife for the sake of money. He uses wife's money on girlfriends outside. no initiative and does not help wife house responsibilities 

8. BABY HUSBAND: Irresponsible and childish and can't make decision on his own without asking his mother or parents or relatives, subject wife to relatives dictates thereby running to them when things went wrong.

9. VISITING HUSBAND: Not always at home come as a visitor. He flash home ones in three months, provides family all marital things but has no time for them. 10 things a woman should never do

10. CARING HUSBAND: Caring and loving; he provides material and emotional needs and makes time for the family think about the family. He guides home spiritually. Very responsible and treats wife as partner and helper.

What type of husband are you?

These is the type of husband every woman desire "caring husband" before you want to end up your life with any man known the type of husband you are getting married to. Your future determined.

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