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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sexuallity and It's Expression in Marriage

The Bible makes it clear that the best  place which sexual expression is made in marriages it it also written biblically that one man and one woman as long as they both live together in the bond of one flesh.  Read the 21 ways to show your spouse that you love him

That is still God's plan, and it is still the best way for anyone to express his sex drive. We are all sexual creatures that is nothing to be ashamed of we were made so by a holy and loving God.

The ideal that sex and sexual feelings among the youth and young grown up girls and boys now; it is the distortion of the devil sex has its place and proper functions for marriage couples.
Sex in marriage is not just for the propagation of the race getting the best husband or wife.

It is for love, communication oneness, feelings and plain pleasure together with both parities. Perhaps love making is pleasurable. "sure"  God has used it in the lives of many people to open up to them a lifetime of enjoyment between two couples. 

Sexual expression is not just a physical experience, it is the mental attitude physical fitness to do it, the best enjoyable mode of sex is in marriage with both parties you truly love and your heart goes to. Some good reasons why most of our girls don't get married quick

out any distraction or fear of getting pregnant. Marriage is private state of love making in your matrimonial bed, you can encounter your spouse any moment you like without calling any one.

Make sure in your days of youth you reserve some good noddles for your precious husband don't flex away all the nutrient you have around your body and keep extreme dry bone for the fool that wants to marry you.  The fool that wont be happy none enjoy you so he's eyes will lift up for the available flower that is around.

Keep some reserve for your husband  the type of husband you need to known before you get married
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