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Monday, 30 January 2017

Relationship of Extremely Prison

The most dangerous things you can ever give away yo anyone is the control of your life. The most powerful thing anyone can take away your life is your freedom. No bondage is greater than been a prisoner in a serious relationship with one man for decades of years, in your own soul.

In life is not to have a choice. Never put anyone in the position of power in your life, be it a woman, man, dad, mum, or boss at work. Sexuality and its expressions in most marriages how can you express your love to your partner. Let there be peace in your life don't be in a prison of relationship of sorrow and pain for no good results, ruining your entire life spending your whole useful years in prison of one man, one door, single room not serious to change or choice-less and future-less in his life not responsible. The best moment and time for making love with your partner

Putting people in a position of power in your life makes them a dictator in your life. Sometimes people penetrates into your life to dominate, Most of the churches ladies attend for deliverance after full domination they begin-g to dictate and predicting what you are suppose to do and not to do, forcing you to negotiate in your own, negotiate your salary your body and legs with them, in your own private life. Prayer ministry most ladies attend for miracle husband and child/Mr.perfect

Don't be a separator in your own life your life is your right, never allow anyone to play like a leader or role in the movie of your own life be the leader of your life make adequate decisions on what you are doing over your life. What your husband really needs from you as a good partner and lover

My quote for you "Apologize when you're wrong. Be silent when you're right. Ask if you're not sure. Admit it when you make a mistake. Forgive when you're wronged. You''ll have a wonderful and prosperous marriage and relationship.

Some time it might not be your season of being in love it might be your season of loving yourself, may be it's your season to focus on your own growth than being in a relationship of manic sorrow and pain prison relationship, running and programming your life for you. Put a stop to it known? Effective ways to communicate in your marriage

Most of them are not ready to settle down (Parasite Husband) if they are not, they should pay you for the services renders for you keeping them satisfied. Those ones that comes after you, makes you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world, it is the best kind of person to have in your life. anyone encouraging you to succeed is definitely worth keeping as partner.  Reasons why some girls don't get married early as a girl or a lady read. Anyone who handles your heart with grace and respect is definitely worth keeping in your mined and heart.  

Anyone who keeps loving and caring for when you are not around is definitely worth keeping. Believe it of not, there are still some people out here who truly believe in the power of love. That love still exist. While some say it's money that is existing no love no money, no money no love Reasons why some girls don't get married early as a lady

When you run into the hand of someone who just seems to understand you with little efforts things will turn around, Possible solution to vagina itching and burning in your private part.  keep that person around your mined and your heart should be happy always to received him. Make him feel welcoming and not being in prison plan ahead of tomorrow and stop thinking of today.

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