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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Reasons Why Some Girls Don't Get Mrried Early (Most Ladies are choice less decision"

Marriage isn't all about how good you are in bed and how perfect you are the beauty you are or how much you are worth. The famous question in that do you have manners? can you manage a home or contribute to your home positive as a wife and a mother?  Also read the possible solutions to your vaginal itching and burning   

Please Read these article till the end. If you did not change left for you.

Can you cook very well and make your kids and husband look forward to each other after the taste of the meal. Do you fear God, are you responsible lady who have good morals and dignity to your self. Do you respect yourself that you are a woman not an advertiser of body parts and information giver, vaginal  distributor and try to be of good conduct at all times.

Do you have human sense. Sense of thinking greatness, achievement you are a 30 years old with no baby mama, you got no home none car jobless on the street searching an what-sapping to get a close home. Whats-app guys/Facebook guys will whats-app you to death. reasons no man wants to propose marriage to you Are you smoking elephant grass in an uncompleted building. Most of the girls rely on there beauty and huge tits for survival. 

Without your body you can eat none survive you are not different from the prostitute that sells her virginal for a living. None of you want to date a regular guy that earn a minimum wage because they can't keep up with your high class standards that's why 80% of you are either married or dating  fraudsters. Married to an unwanted guy you don't like.  It is time you all see the past you  face tomorrow, do something even  your parents would be proud of you, just being a basic bitch. For nothing pride of an elephant grass in you. Most churches ladies run into for prayer and deliverance

These are some of the thoughts in most ladies mined. Just an advice 
Choice-less decisions, so many girls nowadays are choice-less, they are fund of being with Mr. perfect "When they are extremely UN-perfect" one  the most pretty and beautiful guy they set their eyes on. They need the classic guy that will take them out (No time for you choice less decision making)The type of husband you are getting married to read to known the type

1. A beautiful guy with sexy Mouth and body always ready for you  =  when you are 18 years, choice-less decision   still searching for the one. Some of  you start hustling from your primary, secondary, university and even on the street and at working hour, afters work. Till today you are still searching  for Mr. perfect. Are you perfect?

2. A guy that would satisfy me on bed = when you are 20 years choice less decision, still searching for the one 

3. A guy with big meg to satisfy me well and turn my waste around = when you are 22 years choice-less decision still searching for the one 

4. A guy that have money to spend on me = when you are 25 years, choice less decision still searching for the one 

5. A guy that has sexy body and chest, Bears all over his chest, = when you are 28 years, choice-less decision still searching for the one 

6. A guy that love romantic and sexy, sweets talks on bed after sex he gives me all the tips, = when you are 30 years, choice-less decision still searching for the one 

7. A guy that work monthly wages e.g Okada man with his daily income on his hand you will say no i need a company worker after month end story story. = when you are 32 years, choice less decision still searching for the one 

8. A guy that has big penis and can rotate my waste like engine car or a tanker driver = when you are 34 years, choice less decision still searching for the one

9. A guy that dress very well and grows bears all over his face and smoking elephant grass all day, = when you are 36 years, choice less decision still searching for the one  

10. A doping sex man with different styles when having sex, he can last more than 12 to 16 hours on-top of you, = when you are 38 years, choice-less decision still searching for the one

11. A guy that are body and nice room and all the instrument's in his room  " when you don't have one even you lack pants" = when you are 40 years, choice-less decision still searching for the one   "Old woman" contact me on facebook Egbe georgy 

12. A guy that loves story telling on bed and spend so much money on you without no legacy, you are just like consumer = when you are 45  years, choice-less decision still searching for the one "old woman"

Remember you won't get all the perfection in a guy, not everything gradually you will mold it the way you want it to be. Start from somewhere and you will end up in a palace you wish to be.  Don't forget to read and share these with your friends on social media and face book groups.

Get these now " No perfect one around in the world, everybody have error and mistake, understanding, love and caring bring perfections. 
contact me on facebook Egbe georgy  


  1. Good for those that have ear to hear. and work towards it.

  2. Uhmmm... Never knew fhis!!! thanks i saw this post on directory


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