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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Prayer Ministries Most of The Ladies Attend (Advice)

It's alarming the fact that many married and UN-married ladies searching for husband partner have turned prayer warriors over night, running around within leaps and bounds to seek  help for a matrimonial home that is at the verge of breaking up.

They set up a prayer point in most prayer ministry. Prayer ministry and churches ladies attend for quick deliverance and healing.  Imagine when your character and attitude is totally out of the point no man that comes across you will stay for month. Two prayer partners agreeing in prayer to lift their burden to God Almighty.  Communication in your marriage and life partner. When ever a young man wants to propose to you in the church your bad character was hiding inside your heavy Italian suit, you will become a holy sister and good prayer machine after getting home stay  for some months your Italian character and nonchalant attitude  will come out of the suit. contact me on facebook

Most times singles don't just want to see the danger sings of some frustrated girls. They fast commit their emotions into a relationship and as a result they gradually lose perspectives. They get swept with those romantic notions and juice whiling around their heads.  Reasons no man wants to marry you because you are still single

Ladies nowadays their shameless attitude are always going around with them. Many rub into churches for deliverance after much hustling and giving out their body for money or one reasons, They find churches to prophecy or deliver them, or give them child or husband sharp sharp, what are they turning into after much freelancing yourself around with guys entering private car  and jeep, you are still looking for husband. Possible solutions to vagina itching and burning stop it known

Most lady run to daddy see, Mummy deliver, Pastor give me husband and child with different ministry name. What are you doing with your useful years. Daddy see should see what, Mummy Deliver are you sick, Pastor give me husband and child all your flexing and parading round the world you haven't met any man that will marry you. Read the reasons why some girls don't get married early. Pastor give me child do you known the uncountable abortions you have done, which child are you looking for from pastor give me child go and UN-abort all the child's back. 

Most of the churches around ladies are the number one and popular in the church. why? Looking for miracles and deliverance from Daddy See, Mummy Deliver, Pastor give me husband and child. they are the one praying like machine that will never develop fought again, but their character and attitude is hell fire, pray from the day you where born without constant impurity and change in you. No man will walk to your parent for marriage.

Be beautiful as Gold and Silver jubilee your obstacle along the way is still waiting for you. Men don't get married to beauty , Men rush after your beauty after getting the answer they walk away, your beauty can;t keep a man permanent but your character and attitude make him to come over and over again.Don't rush into sorrow of relationship

You started struggling and going about with guys what where you doing searching or flexing for no good result, when you are getting old age has come over you, Mummy See, Daddy Deliver and Pastor give me husband and child. is your permanent home. You will be the usher in the ministry, you will drop all the ashes you normally paint on your faces. Serving God is your aimed now to get miracle husband and baby. Why are you not flexing anymore, flex till old age? Now looking for miracle husband. Ladies 10 Bitter truths you must no and swallow if you want to have a good and caring husband

After much of outing and give out your legs and body who is the foolish man to eat the dry bone, when the sweet flesh has   been consume in the days of your numerous flexing. You no longer have the flesh and the sweetness he need just dry bone. Who will eat ordinary bone without flesh . Are you the one
Girls you are like bud of three and flowers you have tie to expire when the time comes no man will whisper you on the road, you no longer shine and look extraordinary beautiful in their eyes again. You are now an old Toshiba. Go and meet Mummy See, Daddy Deliver and Pastor Give me husband and child.

Try and come to your normal state don't frustrate your future in the name of flexing and enjoying partying and clubbing,
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  1. seriously its true please dont lie women/ladies, settledown you wont settledown what do you. Constants sex!


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