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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ladies 10 Bitter Truth You Must Known and Swallow?

Most Ladies are confuse about their relationship struggles you engage yourself with many people but 

still have serious issues how to get the right person and the one that will care, pet men like a baby. You 
open your legs to make him happy but still conditions continues the situation is getting worst 

Here are few tips you need to know 

1. Sex Doesn't Keep a Man: If you like turn 360% on bed open your wide leg 90% to 100% he will run away like Nepa light when he's done with the research. He will dump you, bleach you until you will turn white. If he doesn't notice the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave you. 

2. A Man who Win Your Love With Cash (Money) Will Not Stay Forever: Real men don't settle down with fake women who love money be wise.

3. The Beauty of a Woman: Your beauty can take you to the palace but your character will determined how you will stay in the palace. Beauty attracts men but your character keep them close to you forever be wise.

4. Material Things:  Material Things definitely has its merit but it cannot alone provide the rices of a truly meaningful life. Be wise

5. Being Sexy Without Character:  Sexy without character will not get you a good husband, you have all the materials and instrument around your body "big breast, big yash" diffenately he will run alway when he's satisfy and testing all the parts you will only get a regular boyfriend (many) with your sexy shapes and looks, not husband.

6. Sex Cab Bring Pleasure But it Can Never Bring Love: Loves is not a product of sex, give him back, front, side, left, right without love in he's heart you are a wasting your time, and all your years on earth on one man. At the end of the day your result you will get from him "In no Sweet" that the bests Score ever.

7. Sex Can Make A Man Stay with You Overnight: The man will entertained you and satisfy your wants through out the night and he run away after getting what he wants. But love will make him stay for a life time. Be with the one your body, soul, and mined is meant for.

8. The Money you Got from the man when you open your legs wide, after hot sex with him "Get these into your head" That money will not do you any good. 
There are somethings that money just can't buy like
manners, morals, characters, love, integrity, care and feelings. Spend all your money you can't get anyone. 

9. Husband searchers with shades: Who drive around with glass roll up may end up searching for nothing as no responsible men will have the courage to approach him.

10. Having a nice and caring husband/wife goes with your mental mined and feelings promptly from your heart.

When you have a heartfelt on someone, walk up and express your feelings and emotions, you can find peace, love, caring and good manners and understanding with each other GOODLUCK

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