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Monday, 23 January 2017

Reasons No Man Want's To Marry You

Are you single while your friends are getting married every Sunday and Saturday of the weeks, they will invite you and sometime you will about yourself when will i invite my friends two. Continue reading this article to help you know where you are going wrong. If you do something about it you will get so many suitors as soon as possible. Read Excess sex looses tight vaginal

1 You're not Appreciative: He sacrifice for you buys expensive things, yet you don't appreciate? Very soon he will get tire of you.

2. You Ask Too Much: There are some things you don't need to ask, you can do it on your own. show him you can take care of the family and the kids when he's out, don't leave a;; the burden and loads for him to struggle till death.

3.You're not submissive: Are you the disrespectful and disobedient type? I don't care if you are president daughter. The man is always the foundation builder of the family, he has the right to take and control whatever thing he wants at he's disposal. types of husband you need to known before you get married to anyone. The earlier you give hm some respect. Submissive in some adamant thought is not the willingness to give their body each day and second of the day. Submissive is been a good human, good character, moral show him respect, love him with whom he is not what you need.

4. You Are Still Looking for Mr. Perfect: Let me ask you, are you perfect? You want perfect one why you are un-perfect, through your primary secondary and university you are still searching for perfect one. No body is perfect, not me not you. Get it and understand each other. Understanding bring perfection. Also read Don't rush because you are single, don't rush into a relationship of sorrow

5. You Don't have a Job: Don;t depend on a man all the time, ladies should learn to be independent, it it not pride but self respect; sometime it always depends on your agreement with each other.

Try and understand how the world is going on now, no time for anybody, do things that attract attention to yourself, don't just sit down and paint all face to ashes and you said it is makeup.The bitter truth most ladies out there need to swallow.  No man will approach your makeup at the end of the day.

You have the specific audience you are making up for not real man that that wants to settle down with you. Share and invites your friends.

I remained love pastor

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