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Friday, 28 October 2016


The human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be keyed up or think vividly for something important to the rates of vibration it is known as enthusiasm, creative imagination intense desire, the mind or the master mind our reason faculty, the   multiplication of more energy just like electric current which flows through different circuit to serve its usage.

The stimuli which the mind think are:-

1. The desire for sex expression

2. The desire for love

3. A burning desire for power, gain money

4. Friendship between either those of the same sex or those of the opposite sex

5. Narcotics and Alcohol

The desire for sex expression comes at the head and mind, stimuli which most effectively, the mind start with the physical action.  The emotion of sex is by great thinking from the mind , think well before you misuse your gifted opportunity.

A burning  desire to gain money is on the master mind in everyone, it is on condition and uncontrollable everyone needs money for necessities of life and other financial burden, the use of power can gain money with any means you can use the power to achieve any exact amount of money you need. It can be physical or spiritual power. 

Friendship with the same sex or the opposite sex is the domiciliary abundance of great opportunities to the young girls and boys, it is the sources of flesh contact with one another it's the easiest means by which the release of sperm and transfusion is made easily.

Both under-age are so addicted to sexual arousal because of stimuli of the mid when the mind is biter ed with evil thoughts that is how your thinking's and feelings of pleasure things manifest in your master mind.

Narcotics and Alcohol  is the immunity of the mind these is just like drinking of water among the sup-plus youth. Alcohol and doping "Smoking" is the major and minor hungry man food which can be duplicated among themselves. It change the metamorphic reasoning and thinking ability of ones mind.

From the exact day you start smoking your thinking faculty change also to your reasoning, it energies your mind to be rude and difficulty, you will no longer live a life of exemplary to other people.

The nature and the economic condition have change the way things are not suppose to be, child of twelve is busy inhaling "doping" smoke's straight to the lunge  without the fear of transmutation and dangerous sickness to their liver or lunge. 

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