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Friday, 28 October 2016

15Years Boy Slept With Her Elder Sister of 25years And Pregnanted Her

The good and the bad is among us, the world is full of evil meditation and reasoning of the opposit sex among two siblings, sex is now common to both bloodly brother and sister with the same family trait. These happened openly in Owerri, a boy name Udeme have several times of hot sex with her own elder sister Esther without the notice of the father or mother including the neighbors around don't known what is happening.

According to  Udeme  he said am the only boy in my family i can't be the only male in my family i want more, that the reason why i use my sister for practical i don't want to be the only boy in my family perhaps my sister is so much bonded with all the materials things of life

she has the quantity and goods and services i have never seen in any girls body, she has exclusive back and front everyone needs it for action and reactions to occur any moment in time in the toilet or bathroom without the notice of my dad and mum and if she insist i will kill her.

According to the Elder sister Esther, she said my younger brother is a cultist he normally false me to bed because of how sexually attractive i look;when ever i normally go to bathroom to take my bath he will bounce on me take off my clothes false-fully.

When i am robing my cream and make-up he will start squeezing my breast, will both leave in the same house and if i cream he will kill me with he's gun and other dangerous materials with him. I was so confuse 
about what is happening but i don't known what to do.

These incident have been going on without the notice of anyone around, several times of sexual intercourse with me and my younger brother. I am known 3 months pregnant for my younger brother,   please what do i do on what account will the father of the baby be name.

These is a taboo and cause to my family i am a disgrace to my parent why is seat that the devil has use me all these why said the elder sister when disclosing these information with Loversforum team, the child should be born or should be aborted.

The secret i have been hiding since is now out and my younger brother wants to kill me with he's numerous doping gangs the devil workshop was build in my mind and my family, why didn't i shout or open up exact what was going on to my parents. Said the Elder sister.

Please will need your advice and support on what to do now that am 3 months old  carrying a baby for my younger brother who is no where to found, my pregnancy is a shame to me; when the baby will grow up to discover that her parent are both brother and sister, what will the be the reaction and emotion of that child.

Please should i abort the baby or put to bed advice me


  1. what is the matter so our girls of nowadays their legs wont be steady on one side


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