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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Don't Get Married to A Vacancy Wife (Read and Understand)

Marriage is the Unionism of one flesh to another (one person to another) this joining is everlasting except death occur at anytime and moment, death is always an incident which leads to loose of life and enough vacuum space is left in that family except one adamant-ed human nature sacrifice itself  to fixed the spaces left.

Men should always think well don't think like camel or do you have a memory card inserted in your brain, most married ladies don't treat their family well and their marriage collapse, getting married to a woman that can take maximum responsibility of your children even when you are not their.

Get married to a hardworking woman well developed skills and talent to utilize the needs for the family and members. Most marriage die in the hand of Poverty nowadays that things are getting worsted the more, the wife in the house don't have any skills none handwork to back up the husband stress and pains at work. The goal of the family is rest upon the foolish husband.

Poverty in marriage is a state where by individuals lack necessities of life, men should always make their wife to be hardworking even to learn a trade; do something that we bring money for the benefit of the family.

Image your husband is sack from he's place of work, how is that family going to cope with the economic, your wife should not be a fashion in your house your wife should not be a Vacancy doing nothing seating down all day waiting for your return. 

This situation in the family leads to divorce of marriage, misunderstanding, their we be no respect to one-another none peace. please think well and keep your marriage safe and secure.

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