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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Things your Are Suppose to Know During Sex

There are so many complains in my emails about how to satisfy their husband when he is back from work. In this i have made it clear and understandable to all my readers the easy solution to their questions just as I always tell people, a man is not the person who can impregnate a woman. Any male who has reached the age of puberty can impregnate a woman; even a 16 year old boy can impregnate a girl. Therefore stop bragging that you a man because you impregnated a girl.
For the fact that you can go ten rounds during sexual intercourse does not make you a man at all; (even a boy can do that). 

Know this things before you engage your self during sex

Did you know that its very wrong to feed your husband when its pass 7pm?

Did you know that its wrong to eat solid food once its passed 6pm?

Did you know that its an abomination to make your husband leave for the office in anger?

Did you also know that its wrong for you to deny your husband sex?

Did you know that your husband is your Lord?

Did you know anytime you make your husband happy some blessings are added to your life?

Did you know that its in your hands to build your home and not your husband's?

Did you know that you're a helpmate to your husband not a project ?

Did you know that every word that comes out from your husband's mouth anytime your upset Him
has an impact in your life?

Did you know that you should attend to your husband more than your children?

Did you know that your husband deserved that love ,care, petting, romantic words from you like you give to your children?

Did you know that you shouldn't wear bra n pant when going to bed when your husband is around?

Did you know that you can ask your husband for sex without waiting for Him to make the first move always??

Did you know that as a Lady you're not suppose to watch your V with soap?

Did you know that every Lady want to eat the best meal but they don't want to get fat?

Did you know that am laughing seriously now as am typing this??

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