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Thursday, 14 July 2016

How to Know the Real Man or Woman in Your Life

Do you know that some people only came into your life to waste your time and catch fun with you? At a certain age of your life, you should not be dating a person just for fun. A man who has reached the age of 30 should not be dating a lady just for fun; he should be thinking of dating the person that will settle down and marry him. A lady who has reached the age of 25 should date only a man who is talking about marriage and who is serious. If at the age of 25, you are still dating men just for fun, then you need a serious deliverance; if at the age of 25, you are not sure whether your relationship will lead to marriage or not, then you need a doctor to check your brain, because it is not normal. This is how to identify a time waster:

1. A time waster may not talk about marriage at all; he or she will just be saying, "well, let's wait and see how it will be." He or she will just be dating you without talking about marriage at all.

2. A time waster will only be spending his money to take you out for launch, to eat, drink and enjoy; but a serious person will not waste his money taking you out; he will rather spend his money on marriage preparations and wedding.

3. Time wasters don't take the relationship serious at all; although they may claim to love you; they may claim that they want to marry you, but they will never discuss marriage with you in the presence of their parents or your parents.

4. A time waster will only be promising to marry you but he or she will never tell you the year or the month that the wedding should take place.

5. When your boyfriend/girlfriend tells you that he/she is not ready for marriage for now until the next 5 years, please run away and quit the relationship. How can you be so sure that the relationship will survive for 5 years? Moreover, why should you date a person for 5 years? It is senseless. Go and date a person who is ready to get married in the next one year or eight months. You need to have a re-think especially if you are above the age of 25-30.

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