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Monday, 6 June 2016

Little ways to show your husband how much you love him?

21 little ways to show your husband how much you love him.  Take a few extra seconds every day to show him how you really feel. A building is just a bunch of bricks. The most beautiful beach is still made up of tiny grains of sand. A successful marriage is largely composed of frequent, simple acts of love. Transform your relationship with your husband by trying out these little gestures. Some of these may seem like no-braininess; but how often do you actually do them? Try them out. Here's the list:
Don't let him leave for work without a kiss. Wake up early if you have to.

1. Spontaneously hold his hand.
2. When you're holding his hand, give it an occasional squeeze. .
3. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on his food.
4. Write sweet love notes on little pieces of paper. Hide them where he'll find them (like under the car door handle or in his shoes).
4. Go a step further and make him a few of these:
5. When he makes a joke, look him in the eyes while you laugh.
6. Write him an appreciation/love letter. Put it in your own mailbox.
7. When you go to the store, buy him something small you think he'd like.
8. Put your head on his shoulder.
9. Give him specific, sincere compliments.
10. Take him on a date. You plan it.
11. When you give him a hug, hold on just a little bit longer than usual. .
12. Walk out to the car with him when he leaves for work.
13. Give him a quick peck on the cheek for no apparent reason.
14. Suggest you should both watch his favourite movie.
15. Share a blanket.
16. Stick a cute picture of you two on the bathroom mirror. Exchange it for a different one every week.
17. Make him a play list of songs that represent how you feel about him.
18. Find his tickle spot. Exploit it spontaneously.
19. Be sappy with him in front of the kids (even though the kids will think it's gross).
20. Doodle cute phrases on his hands that his friends will see later.
21. Say "I love you" when he's not expecting it. Yell it, whisper it, sing it, whatever. Just say it.

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