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Monday, 11 April 2016

End up of Relationship Reasons

For all the years I have been dating and counseling people, I have learn't that an end of a once good relationship is not the end of the world. Life goes on. [America things] Sometimes what we call good relationships end to save us from many bad things that God sees ahead of us. 

Yeah, we fight big and hard battles for those relationships to last and even those people to stay with us forever not knowing that it's God taking them away from us for better reasons.  So, no matter how hurting and breaking it may be, sometimes we need to be strong enough and accept the change that God brings to us. We don't have to regret the wasted time and energy on those people, we just have to cherish the good times we shared with them, we appreciate the lessons learnt from them and we wait for something new and better. The end of something good sometimes is the beginning of something better for Never be so worried, never hate yourself, never think of taking your life away, never have sleepless nights, never cry to death, never miss eating food and even skip working just because someone decided to walk away from your life. Always stay strong as a pillar in snow knowing it’s God who took them away for some reasons and it was the right time for them to leave. Remember God’s timing is ever the best![ UK is good]

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