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Saturday, 12 May 2018

5 Types of Dating Mistake Men Always Do?

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Men are so found of been heart breakers when dating, men are trash in terms of dating, there is no doubt that been the dumpee in a relationship is difficult, but sometimes being the dumper is just as hard to you or her.

Stop and read these. Women/Ladies Are Opportunity Losers

After all your genuinely care and attention through your dating years, hurt feelings. There are some things you can do prior to the end of your relationship so as to embalmed both parties together, without mincing words here. 7 Female Habits That Chase Men Away?

Here are 5 types of dating mistakes men always do from lovepastor George

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1. Lying:

It's imperative that you're honest about your intentions upfront. If you ain't interested in pursuing a relationship then be clear about it. Don't lead her on. She may end up losing trust in you and all other men that seduce her next.

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Quote: The feelings, the loved should dowelled in you from the day your set your eyes on her till death separate you?

2. Ghosting:

This is when a man goes on a date or sleeps with a woman then leaves without a word. It's never ok. If you no longer interested let her know. And never be hurtful about it. If she notice it she we definitely gets upset with you
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3. Truth: 

truth are always bitter with some females, while they do embraced lies and big big talks as morning due of the day. Men the capacity of lies you do tell her judges you and your emotional feelings in your relationship towards her, always try to opened the truth to her. Understand matters allot in your relationship.  

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Crashing of Most Marriages "RUSH TO DIE"

4. Man planning:

This will never stop being repeated. Don't interrupt a woman's knowledge with your confidence. Don't try to stop her from speaking her mind that maybe you think its against yours decision or your thoughts. She has the right to talk against matter's and issues in the house, Remember the Adage Women are Builders. 

5. Get upset when she tries to be vigilant:

Some men get offended when they show up to take a woman on a date and she sends a picture of him and his car to a friend. You can't fault a woman for being vigilant about her safety. Take the challenge and sojourn on as a 'Man', this boosts her confidence in you.

Most Women Are Grandmother's #Personal-Decision-Killers

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I Remained: Lovepastor George

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

10 lies that Men tell when they want something from her.

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It’s easy because men are typically the same and they only want one thing when it comes to women. They want to hook up and you shouldn’t blame them for that. It’s hardwired into their DNA for them to act that way.They will do anything to satisfy their cravings for pleasure, and that means lying too.

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Here are some common lies that men tell whenever they’re looking to hook up.

1. You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.

Chances are, you aren’t the sexiest woman he has ever met. You just happen to be the woman he wants to hook up with tonight, and you should be careful. If he’s lying to you just to hook up with you, you shouldn’t be getting any deeper expectations in your head.

2. I’m about to tell you something I’ve never told anyone else in my life since i was born.

He’s probably used this line millions of times before with countless women. Just get it in mined that he wants to make you feel like you’re special and that you’re an important person to him, but in reality, he’s just trying to get into your pants, bra, body, have the pleasure. Don’t fall for it. Have some sense of dignity and self-worth. Resist. Except you need it and truly like he's way of approach and want to craved to bed with him. Lovepastor is just been honest hear.

3. I am a Rich wealthy Man:

A lot of guys think that having a big bank account is the key to getting into any girl’s pants. While this may be true for some girls, who loved money, do you know that most girls don't think loved easiest what easiest now is money so with these same those girls can fall and go to bed with them. most girls have enough dignity to know that a man’s bank account doesn’t play a factor at all. If he has to brag about how rich he is to impress you, chances are that he really isn’t that rich to begin with. Poor bank account O.Okobo lol Lovepastor George is just been honest hear.

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4. I’m looking forward to meeting your family:

He will try to establish an emotional and social connection with you by expressing intimacy and comfort. He says he looks forward to meeting your family because he knows that your family is your soft spot. And you we feel more excited and accepted in your mined that he truly cares. He knows that this would lead you to believe that he is a sensitive person who cares about you and you need to reward him with sexual favours. LIES Babe says Lovepastor George

Quote: A lot of guys think that having a big bank account is the key to getting into any girl’s pants, There are types of girls. One who love Money and One who hate money but loved 

5. I want to keep as my secret lover:

The rule of don’t kiss and tell typically doesn’t apply to guys anymore. They’re bound to brag to their bros whenever they get to score a chick. It’s part of their primal nature to establish themselves as the alpha male. You’ll end up being just another trophy in his trophy case of sexual achievements. You we become his champions league final goal he we score in you if he was desperately coming after you. and wooo he diffidently get what he wants from you . No Husband For The Singles Husband-Subsidy A Must Read

6. You look so beautiful tonight:

He’ll say this to you even when you look like absolute horse manure. He all do anything to get into your pants; immediately he open the pants and get into the green house of pleasure, searching through the pleasurable parts of the world! Babe that the final change in tongue, even lie about how you look at that particular moment. Types of Relationships You Must Know. He wants to make you feel confident about who you are, and he wants you to be able to trust him even though he just wants a night in the sack with you.В – Continue reading on the next page

7. We are practically look Alike:
He will try to play the soulmate card. He will say that you have so many things in common and that you should try taking things to the next level. He will act all interested in the things you are passionate about just so he gets a shot at sleeping with you. The Female Pads and Tampons what you must know as a woman?

8. I just want someone to hold.

It’s technically true that he just wants someone to cuddle with. He wants to cuddle because he knows that cuddling eventually leads to a passionate night of lovemaking. He’s willing to tolerate the cuddling portion of it if it means better chances of getting with you. But at the contrarily you guys can make agreement with each other, if you accept then its not a jeck its just an open minded love making and feelings for each other.

9. Am dead not seeing you the whole day.

He just wants you to pity him and give him a night he’ll never forget. Pity sex is really sad and pathetic. You shouldn’t fall victim to such an old tactic from the playbook and the play boy.

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10. I’m not the type to just hook up.
He wants to make you feel special about wanting to hook up by saying he typically isn’t this kind of guy. Ladies 10 Bitter Truth You Must Known and Swallow? He wants to lead you to believe that there’s something unique about you that arouses him. The truth is that he really is just the type of guy who hooks up often, and you’re another one of his victims.

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Reasons you Keep Falling for the Wrong Person's from Lovepastor George

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Real truth you need to swallow from Lovepastor George .The main reason you keep falling for the wrong guy is because you tend to fall for those who are exactly like you. And that can never work out. You have an alpha personality. And if you get into a relationship with another alpha personality, the clash would just be far too significant for you, a challenging attitude between both parties. You need to find someone who is able to offset your extreme personality to a certain extent.

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You always like to fall for people who are just far too different from you. And that’s the wrong approach to love.

Your relationship is going to be filled with too much fighting and not enough loving; and that’s a major problem. Just try to fall for someone who is like-minded so as to minimise the friction in your relationship. And also to endure the situations and crisis at all times.

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You don’t necessarily fall in love with the wrong guy. But the biggest problem with you as a genius is that you tend to drive away everyone who has the slightest possibility of falling in love with you. Be it a wart person, You do this because you are too afraid of what would happen if you actually let yourself fall for them in return. And that way, you never give your chance a shot at true love. Sincerely when writing these article, it seems the whole earth are falling for the wrong persons.

Of course, because of your huge ego, you fall for someone who just agrees with you and says yes to you all of the time. But that can’t be the case. You need someone in your life who keeps you from flying too close to the sun; someone who tells you no whenever necessary. No Husband For The Singles Husband-Subsidy A Must Read

Quote: That is why you tend to get hurt a lot. You need to develop a stronger emotional spine. Stand up for yourself, and start finding quality guys who would never hurt you.

You think that it’s a good idea to date people who are generally relaxed and mellowed out because you believe that it offsets your personality well. But it rarely ever turns out that way. You just find yourself more and more frustrated having to pick up after these kinds of people. They have no structure and direction in their life; and it’s absolutely driving you nuts.

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You need more direction and structure in your life. And that’s why it’s a big mistake for you as a Scorpio to keep falling in love with people who are plain unassertive and unambitious. You are already a very mysterious and closed off person. You need someone who has the initiative and the patience to actually crack that shell of yours

However, you tend to fall for those who are just like you: carefree and borderline irresponsible. You can’t allow yourself to do so. You need to be with someone who teaches you to live life with actual purpose.
It’s a big mistake that you keep on falling for the introvert. You rarely ever give time to love and relationships – and it’s going to take so much more time and effort to get through to the heart of an introvert. As a Capricorn, you need to be with someone who is more mellow and easy-going; someone who understands your lifestyle and is patient enough with you.

Click Here to Know about these:  Most Women Are Grandmother's Personal-Decision-Killers

You just keep on falling for emotional people all the time and it always ends up the same with each and every one of them. You end up getting bored. You think that it’s a good idea to have an emotional partner who can teach you to tap into your emotions. But ultimately, you need intellectual stimulation more than anything else.

I hope these article is helpful

I Remained: Lovepastor George

Read This to overcome Heart broken and Fall in love Again?

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Heartbreak may be a natural aspect of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is equipped to handle it when they have to go through it. You may be feeling like your whole world is ending. Your voice may be cracking and your hands might be shaking as you struggle to make sense of everything that is going on. You are grasping at anything you can grab hold of to give you a sense of stability and safety. You are slipping but you’re desperately trying to hold on. 

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It’s really painful to go through what you’re going through right now. And even the people you love; the people you reach out to for help and support; their hearts are breaking for you as well. They are also in pain as they see you struggling with your pain. They hurt as they see you feeling the hurt in your life as well. And it’s because your pain is so real; is so genuine, that somehow, one’s heart can’t help but break once they see you in the state that you’re in. 

You look like you’re a complete mess and you feel like your whole life will never be back to how it once was. You are scared because you don’t know what kind of life lies ahead of you. You feel so alone and isolated even when you are surrounded by so many people who love you and who want to take care of you! You know that it’s just different. There’s a sinking feeling in your chest that you can’t seem to get rid of. There’s a nagging headache at the back of your mind that just refuses to be ignored. You are really broken on the inside but you so desperately want to fix yourself again. I lovepastor George have a calmly experience with my neighbor in school, heart breakers of different sorts of men. She keep crying and nagging about it all day. 

A lot of people might want to try to comfort you and help put you back together; but they can’t seem to find the right words to say to you. Or perhaps they know that there is absolutely nothing they can say right now to put you in a better mood. They know that there is nothing that they can do to help speed the healing process along. They can only watch you suffer and heal at your own pace. How to Overcome Shyness

And it kills them to know that they are just as helpless as you are. They might try, though. They might tell you that “everything is going to turn out fine.” even though they know that that isn’t necessarily what you want to be hearing at this point. 5 Ways to treat a woman to make her love you more

You can’t blame them for saying so. It’s all they can think of to say to you even though it’s practically ineffective. You know that they’re telling the truth too. You know that everything is going to turn out fine eventually. You just don’t know how long it’s going to take or what you have to do in order for you to be okay again. But you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss their words of encouragement. Believe in it. You really are going to turn out just fine.

You knew this was the case the moment that you got your heart broken. You knew that you were going to turn out fine. You got your heart broken ,but you also know that broken hearts can eventually heal. You might have been at your absolute weakest but you also knew that you had the strength within you to just persevere. You knew that you had what it takes to take all the parts of you that were broken and make it whole again. You just didn’t know how long it was going to take you. You didn’t know what you were going to have to go through. And you mist still be feeling lost right now. And that’s okay. Just make sure you try to keep everything in perspective as much as possible.

You might not want to hear this right now but the opportunity to fall in love is never lost no matter how many times you might have been broken. You might be feeling traumatized right now. You might feel like love is never going to come for you ever again – but that’s only because the wounds are still fresh and the pain is still present. You can still find love again. You have to believe that you are going to find love again. 

Don’t let the pain of your past deprive you of the beauties of falling in love for real. Just take your time and make sure that you focus on yourself until you’re ready again. But don’t be afraid to put yourself out there once more when the time is right. Love is always something that you should never lose hope in – no matter how dire things may seem.

I hope these article is helpful
I Remained Lovepastor George

Monday, 7 May 2018

Can you Marry A Keke-Nape Driver See Photos?

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With God all things can be possible with love no calamity shall hinder your love for someone, no matter what your friends, family, siblings, might ult-her words against you! The real man who loves you desperately we love you till death.

A true life story of Master Prince Ariegwe and Miss. Aghogho Etaghene from a poverty level of keke-nape crazily in loved with a keke-nape driver who drove her to her destination, paid for the services rendered to her.

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Immediately each other met with clue of contact, with the propelled actions instinct affection of love infiltrated the both parties to know and express there feelings to each other.

Now at the look of things, the woman did not ignore, reject, or to downgrade the Keke-nape driver because his not Opulence rather been reckless poor like driver. Just as some of you girls does. 

8 important ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back!

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She was benevolent, she ecu-ate her character, subdue all her prides listen to poor hustling driver with the amount of dust on the road side exchanging numbers with each other.

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Women of globalisation world today reject, select, procrastinate, have choice of whom to date whom to marry, whom to talk? That's how you reject your blessing, procrastinate on the feature husband away. Later cry for mercy and divine help from pastor, mummy see and daddy deliver

Don't be perish in love to keep choosing, keep rejecting, keep excusing, keep thinking about proposals.

They both agreed to be together when there was nothing to show for the love. Don't wait until you see a man who have billions before you can accept his proposal.

Quote: No Man on Earth is Perfect. You can't get all the qualities you need in a man or in a woman before you can marry. That is why there is the existence of relationship, to March and bond the characters to understand each other.

 If you seriously understand and love each other, you all get the perfection and the perfect one, with time and patience.

See photos of both parties happily, sincerely exchanging numbers after paying the young hustlers off. These should be a connive to you and your friends rejecting won't grant you the perfect man or woman you need.

I see you with your wedding gown and wedding cards in these year..

I hope these article is helpful.
I Remained: LovePastor George

Monday, 30 April 2018

Woman cuts off boyfriend’s manhood

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An Argentine woman Brenda Barattini accused of cutting off her boyfriend’s penis with gardening scissors said she was provoked because he showed his friends their homemade sex tape, according to reports.

The 26-year-old Barattini allegedly committed the revenge attack in the Nueva Cordoba area of the Argentine city of Cordoba last November, which left her 40-year-old boyfriend with 90 percent of his penis chopped off, and in life-threatening condition.

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Barattini, who is serving imprisonment without bail ahead of her trial, said she suffered great psychological harm because of the leaked tape by her boyfriend, Sergio Fernandez.

“I cut his penis but not completely: I injured him. It wasn’t complete: I injured him,” she said, according to a translation of her jail interview.

The man has been left depressed, one of his attorneys said, as he waits for future operations.

According to Fox News, hospital employees were unable to reattach Fernandez’ penis.

The incident rings similar to the case of Lorena Bobbitt, a woman who, in 1993, cut off her husband’s penis while he was sleeping.

Bobbitt said she did it because she “snapped” after her husband allegedly raped her the previous night.

I Hope These Article is helpful

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

8 important ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back!

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Falling in love with someone is one of the most thrilling things that can happen to a person, but only when those feeling are appreciated. Unrequited love can become a dangerous illness that will lower your self-esteem and make you feel like you don’t deserve happiness at all. Fortunately, there is a cure for this illness and as hard as it may sound, un-loving the person that’s making you suffer so much is the only way to become truly free again. After all, everyone just wants to be happy, that includes you and your partner. If you’re feeling that your relationships are inevitably coming to an end and bring you nothing but pain, or if you’ve fallen for the person that doesn’t care about you at all, here are 8 sure ways to get on with your life.

Accept the fact he’s not right for you from the bottom of your heart;

Whether it’s actual experience you share together or simply your wishful thinking getting the best of you, just acknowledge the fact that he’s not the one. It becomes much easier after that! Stop deceiving yourself and look at your relationships from a different angle. Are they healthy? Are you both happy? If most of the time you feel depressed and unloved, it’s a clear sign that you should not cling to this person, no matter how much you love him.

Think about yourself first

Love yourself – and the rest will follow! It’s not about being egoistical, it’s about being healthy, happy, and caring. You can’t be any of that if you constantly supress yourself or give all your love to someone who doesn’t need it. How about using all that love on yourself? Make yourself the number one priority and treat yourself the best way possible. Don’t wait for other people to come and care for you, just do the things that make you really happy. Pamper yourself, eat yummy food, go to the movies. Just live your life!

Spend time with friends:

Stop thinking about boys for one second and just go have fun with your girlfriends. They understand everything you’re going through and can give you the much needed support to overcome the breakup. Go out, watch movies, plan a trip together, and simply enjoy being single for once. You’ll feel much better in a short while!

Distract yourself:

It’s the funny thing about emotions – as we focus on bad stuff, it will only become worse and worse no matter what we do. But if we at least try to focus on something pleasant, the stress will eventually fade out and you’ll feel slightly better at first, and absolutely free and happy later as you continue doing things that bring you pleasure. So how about starting a new hobby? Trying new things is a great way to distract yourself from anything bad going on in your life. Try playing a musical instrument or go for African dancing – the possibilities are limitless!

Change your look:
Our appearance reflects the way we feel about ourselves. It’s time to shed your old clothes and get a brand new look that will inspire you to move on with your life. Go get a haircut, invest in a couple of new dresses, and buy that awesome mascara you’ve been dreaming to buy for ages. The better you feel, the better you look! And vice versa, you can start with making yourself look better, and you will eventually feel good, too.

Plan a trip somewhere nice:

The thing with breakups and unrequited love – the further you are from the man, the better you feel! It’s hard to forget about someone when you’re stuck in one working space, street, square, and even city! It’s much easier to calm down and overcome difficult emotions when you aren’t in direct contact with the person causing all the distress. So pack your bags and go on a vacation somewhere nice and warm. Try Cambodia with its gorgeous temples, the exotic shores of Thailand, or a picturesque trip to Spain.

Do some physical exercises:

One of the best ways to forget all about your worries and shed some extra pounds while you’re at it is hitting the gym. If you’re feeling down about the love of your life not being what you expected it to be, try going to a swimming pool, jogging every day, or taking some yoga classes. Dancing is yet another way to have fun while you exercise. There will be no time for you to dwell on your breakup and soon you’ll forget all about it!

Give yourself time:
As painful as it may be, you just have to live through the process of letting go of your feelings. We won’t lie, it takes time, especially if you’ve been in a long-term relationship. Our brains (and hearts!) are stubborn things and once they get attached to someone it’s almost impossible to break free. Nevertheless, this is the very thing you need to do and the sooner you start, the better. Think of it as a kind of illness you need to recover from. It takes patience, a bunch of remedies, and an incredible amount of will to get through a breakup. But we are sure you can do it!

I hope these article is helpful.
I Remained: LovePastor George

Thursday, 5 April 2018

8 Romantic ways to make a man miss you forever?

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A romantic relationship is a relationship with pleasure complicated thing. Some people think that everything is easy and it’s enough just to find a special person and fall in love deeply with each other. However, those who are already trying to build relationship with their loved ones will prove, that it’s a hard work which demands a lot of love, patience, and effort.


It's only in the University that I found out a girl is forcing me to date her. Lovepastor George as a victim.

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women are more emotional than men, more feeling-nable, passionate, They constantly miss their loved ones and want to get a lot of attention from them. That’s why very often women think that their men don’t love and don’t miss them. You all go your self wrong, relationship works in both sides men who love you while you don't love him, women who love the man so much but the man did not love her, just answering the name of love.

Women / ladies are opportunity loosers Read To know from Lovepastor George 

Just as I always said lovePastor, relationship and marriage is a school where you have to learn the norms and dorms of both-partner. With some great ideal written here , I we show you some tips make you man/ boyfriend miss you. Try at least one of them and you won’t wait long for the results!

#1 Deliberately leave things behind

To make him miss you, you should leave your things in his house or belongings,  You can leave a note or an earring. When he sees these tiny things, he will think of you and time you’ve spent together again and again. These we also make him remember his spending on you,  perhaps if any female steps into the house and found out these things.  It's an evidence that he's already in a relationship with someone else.

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#2 Perfume

Little tricks will also help you to achieve your goal. You can use your perfume to make him miss and think of you. It should be unique and delicate, and when he feels this scent wherever he is, he will think of you. Lol it seem funny  but try it out,

 #3 Communication and Closeness : Hello don't be so ultimately rush into your relationship,  do you communication is one of the most highly possibility for him to welcome you back in his life.  The way you talk, interact with him make him more comfortable,  but the one outside resist him then he losses you and losses the close communication spirit all day.

#4 Add some mystery

It means that you shouldn’t be like an open book for him, open door of legs,  your pants and bra should have dignity to each other. Add some mystery and don’t tell everything about yourself at your first date. In this way you’ll make him want to see you again and again and get to know you better. Hide some secrets about you , he's desperate to know your weak

#5 Adventures

Very often men want to be the only person who makes their women smile. That’s why you should spend time and have adventures not only with him but with your friends too.

He’ll know that you have fun with other people who make you laugh, and will miss you. Besides, having a lot of fun with your friends and with your loved one will make you a really positive person. 10 secrets to. Know the real character of a woman. 

#6. Show a bit of interest in someone (or something) else.As a rule, men want their women belong only to them. That’s why you should make him a bit jealous. You can tell him that you have missed someone of your friends or want to spend some time at pottery classes. However, you shouldn’t overdo it, everything should be done in moderation.

Excess Sex Loose tight vagina 

#7 A makeover

When you are going for a date with him, it’s better to look gorgeous. Wear something elegant, do your hair and don’t forget about makeup. Make him remember your amazing image for a long time.

#8 Leave him wanting more

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Spend time with him, cook for him something delicious, be fun and understand him, but show him, that you have pride and dignity. In this way you’ll make him crave for your company and attention.

I hope these article is helpful

I Remained Lovepastor George 

Monday, 2 April 2018

7 #Female Habits That Chase Men Away?

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Some women face the situation in their lives when their boyfriend just completely disappears, escape for their lives. Does this sound familiar? You will likely think that he found another girl. But I lovepastor hasten to please you with the fact that it is not so! Let's see what the reason could be! After the incident, many women begin to sort out crying, jumping, roaming about but the facts. They analyse all the texts and conversations, scrolling through social media trying to figure out things that will help them. The fact is, you will not find anything. Maybe you are the person who caused the break

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There are some things that men do not like about women. In fact, a man is very easy to scare. Scroll down and read to the end, because I have prepared a list of 7 female habits that chase men away. Let’s check them out!

#1. Jealousy

When you show jealousy for no reason, your man may feel your insecurity. All men like confident women. So, do not overdo it if he does not give you reason to be jealous. Be wise and sharp girl, is not all men that we like bla black blazer word's always.

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#2. Beware of Friends?

Every person should have a social life. And you are no exception! You shouldn’t ditch your friends to spend time with your boyfriend. This may scare your man, when he monkey his self into your friends paradise, it's over between both of you. because he will think that you are a clingy person. Try to balance your private life with a social life.

#3. How often do you text him?

Men do not like super long texts. Keep texts short, fun and flirty. You should avoid texting too much.
Most women don't bother none care to text, call they feel so. Special and unique to themselves. Depend on the man to do a the calls and texting, he we get tired and fade on the way.

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#4. Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Men do not like boring women. They prefer passionate and interesting ladies. Your life should be colourful and interesting, do not forget it! Don't be angry women for these Lovepastor George is just expanding the information round the world to benefit others.

These is the most deadly incident that we occur in your career, been single handed, lonely without having caring, hobbies you are just an empty waste material. Except the man who is deeply deserve suffering in his life.

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#5. Stop talking badly about other Men

Such actions will not show your best side. Moreover, you will show your deep insecurity! Do not criticise other men, be a good girl!
Remember no one is perfect, every partner has he's or her owned choice, if Mr. A is not good for you check out the next door for Mr. B, Remained blessed.

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I hoe these article is helpful 

I Remained my humble self
LovePastor George

Sunday, 1 April 2018

5 types of men that will break your heart

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As a woman, you need to realise yourself that you can't save everyone even with all your eye, your heart, your kidney, your teeth your mind and good intentions for them. There are lot's of men who are parasite husband ready to divide you scared you no matter the spiritual affection of love you have for him,sometimes loving someone and giving yourself wholly into expressing that emotion can only hurt and break you. Hmmmm lovepastor just want to write out what girls are experiencing here on campus.

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It's sad, it's tragedy, It's a sad reality but it's true that you can't help everyone, you can't save everyone even with all the love and good intentions, the promises in your kind heart.

There are five types of guys who fall in this category. They are the utmost worst types of guys to fall in love with. I won't be happy to see any of you in this field of suffering of relationship burdens.

1. The one who blows hotter at night

This is te guy who blitz into your life with sweetness and all the affectionate stuff that makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world. The only 🌙 moon and 🌟 stars in the world. But he is a ion dryer "dry cleaner, after cleaning all the environment 🏃 run away"

But all this is to draw you into his world of messed up emotions. As soon as your mind is set on him, the excuses and wrong treatment begins. Lol sorry one chance!! 

No longer will you get the feeling of being the only girl in the world. It sometimes get so bad that you might wonder if he even sees you at all, no matter how much you put yourself in his line of vision.

The moment you decide that you’ve had enough though, his brain resets and with promises of change and a temporary change of heart, he pulls you back into his world.

But it’s all part of a cycle. And before you know it, you’re going in hot-and-cold circles again. Try to pick up quickly when you notice these.

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2. Too close to his ex

There’s a difference between being cordial and being too friendly with an ex.

A guy who has not learnt this difference will cause you no small headache.

3. The guy with commitment issues

If he can’t commit now because of work, or whatever other excuse he comes up with, you need to consider holding on to him.

Relationships and all other spheres of your life are meant to go hand in hand.

It is commitment he needs to be great at what he does, and at the same time remain a great boyfriend to you.

Excuses about his job or career are just a mask for the real problem: he’s unprepared to commit… to you.

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4. Treats you differently in front of his friends

One minute, he’s full of sweet-as-candy pillow-talk and the next he’s finding it hard to hold your hand or even look into your eyes because his friends are there.

Does that not tell you that you are nothing but a closet lover?

5. The one who lacks ambition

This is just as simple and straightforward as it sounds.

You are not to build a man who even has no foundation in place. You can only support him with your love and care, and no one supports what is inexistent.

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

200 A-Z Unique nickname to call your boyfriend, From Lovepastor

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There’s just something special about giving your boyfriend a unique nickname that’s used only for him. The trouble is, it’s just not very original or special if you use all the typical “pet names” for him. That’s why you’ll want to come up with a whole new nickname that’s specifically for him.

Some people don’t like pet names or nicknames. And that’s okay. However, there are many reasons you should use them on your boyfriend. If you don’t think his name is enough and you want to show your affection in a different way, nicknames are perfect. Here’s why you should definitely implement nicknames when talking to your boyfriend.

1.It’ll make him feel special.

2. It will bring you closer together.

3. He’ll start using them on you, too.

4. It makes things more exciting and fun.

These are thing diffinately we happen when you call your boyfriend these names.
Here are the A-Z nickname you can call your boyfriend today.

1.Apple of my eye



4.Angel Face

5.Amore Mio








13.Baby Cakes


15.Baby Boo

16.Boo Bear



18.Big Guy

19.Bad Boy

20.Baby Boy






26.Book Worm

27.Burly Man


29.Big Bear







36.Cuddle Bear

37.Cuddly Boo

38.Cuddle Bunch



41.Chivalrous Chief




45.Cutie Pants

46.Cutie Patootie

47.Cutie Pie








55.Doodle Bug


57.Doll Face



60. Eye Candy

61. Emperor







68.Fruit Loop

69.Fancy Pants


71.Funny Hunny









79.Gum Drop

80.Gummy Bear

81.Giggle Boo

82.Good Looking



85.Hans Solo

86.Happy Heart






92.Honey Bear

93.Honey Bunch

94.Honey Bunny

95.Honey Bee

96.Hot Stuff








104.Kissy Boo

105.Kissy Face

106.Krabby Patty



109.Knock Out





114.Ladies Man

115.Love Muffin

116.Lovey Kins




120Life line


122.Love Bug

123.Lover Boo



126.Love Pup

127.My Man

128.Mi Amor






134.My Angel

135.My Everything




139.Nature Boy


141.Naughty Man


146.One and Only

147.Other Half

148.Old Man





153.Poo Bear







160.Prince Charming





165.Pookie Bear






173.Robin Hood










184.Smarty Pants


186.Sugar Bear


188.Tough Guy



191.Teddy Bear

192.Tater Tot

193.Ultimate Man


195.Wonder Boy

196.Woo Bear



199.Yum Bear

Last but not least, this nickname will make him realize just how much you really appreciate him always standing by you. Bonus points if he loves Zorro!


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